Singapore | Shinji by Kanesaka (Lunch Omakase)

Shinji by Kanesakaすし道真次 is one of the best fine-dining Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Located at Raffles Hotel, Shinji offers the best from the ocean which sourced from Japan daily. After the amazing experience with the valuable lunch set last time (see the review) , we decided to back here for omakase. DSC01883

Lunch sets start from $75 (9 pcs) up to $180 (12 pcs), and Omakase is priced at $250 per head, which is much affordable than dinner. For dinner, sushi sets is priced at $220 for 15 pieces, while Omakase start from $300. We had Omakase Yume (夢) $250, which includes an appetiser, assorted sashimi, assorted cooked dishes, 9 nigiri sushi and maki sushi, soup and Japanese fruit.


Shiro Ebi with Dashi jelly and Herring roe

The baby white shrimps have a very delicate but rich texture - it was sweet and creamy, compared nicely with the refreshing dashi jelly. Great start.


Yellow Jack sashimi was really fresh, with a very clean taste.


Ika and Uni

Similar to the white shrimp, the squid was also very creamy as i kept chewing it. Uni was heavenly fresh and sweet.


Grilled Needle Fish and Japanese Barracuda

Both were lightly grilled with a lovely burnt aroma, with a slight crispy skin, the central part was still sashimi texture. There was no additional seasonings in both fish, while their simple original flavor perfectly were perfectly kept.


Bonito - tender and fresh, nice and flavorful seasoning.


Deep-fried Fugu


Last time having deep-fried fugu was in Narisawa, compare to that one seasoned with spice, the one at Shinji better keeps the original flavor of the fish. It has a crispy but not oily deep-fried outer-layer, the fish itself was fresh and chewy.DSC01951

Side with Japanese tomato and eggplant to maintain a balance. The Japanese tomato was so good, it taste like pudding and i don't even need to chew it. The eggplant was actually raw but incredibly smooth and sweet.


1. Sawara 鰆

Start with Sawara, which is considered as the best kind of Mackerel in Japan. It was incredibley tender, juicy and end with a sweet zest from the fish itself - also with a very clean and refreshing taste.


2. Chu-toro 中卜口

Definitely a highlight of the meal. It was creamy and full of natural oil, teeth are useless at this point, simply feel this piece of goodness melting in my mouth.  It was high in flavor and end with a twist of sweetness.


3. O-toro 大卜口

A much fattier piece compare to the previous one, so indulgence to have this piece of lard of sea in my mouth. While we both feel one tendon in each piece of otoro, which is a little bit disappoint. But overall still satisfying.


4. Maguro


5. Aji (horse mackerel) was lightly salted, topped with some young spring onions which is high in flavor.



6. Uni 雲丹

The Hokkaido Bafun uni makes me so mouth-watering, i cannot even wait for one second. It was juicy and sweet and wonderfully melted on my tongue. One piece is never satisfying.


7. Baby Scallops

The baby scallops were like jelly texture, with a very refreshing and umami flavor. It was tender and juicy.


7. Chopped toro 

My partner had the chooped toro due to allergies.  She said it was heavenly flavorful and creamy.


Tuna meatball soup

The soup was so umami that we cannot stop drinking it, the flavor of tuna perfectly went through the soup with seaweed.


8. Kuruma Shrimp 車海老

Just like the candy from the ocean, the Kuruma Shrimp is simply sweet and tender. It was cooked for 20 seconds and perfectly kept its own flavor.


9. Anago 鰻

Anago itself was warm and meaty, wonderfully melted in my mouth. With a twist of sweet sauce and yuzu, the flavor was very lovely and refreshing.



Tekka Maki


Negitoro Temaki Roll, which was a chopped tuna belly maki with spring onions. Compare to the previous Tekka Maki, this one was more flavorful and creamy.


Tamago 玉子

The texture was between Mizutani's moist tamago and Yoshitake's jelly texture. A sweet ending.


Warabi Mochi


Japanese Fruit - perfect sweet ending


Shari: Shinji's shari was perfect, each single rice was chewy nicely seasoned with rice vinegar -  with perfect ratio of sweet and sour flavor. All the rice perfect stick together with the neta (sashimi).

Service: most the the staffs are from the Japan,so the service quality is undoubutly good.  The sushi chefs are also very friendly, communicate is not a problem as their English is not bad at all, and they are very willing to communicate with their guests.

Ambiance: Very real Japanese setting and makes me feel like in Japan. Not that dim as AOKI, Shinji is bright and has a very clean and simple interior decor.


The omakase was really amazing - the highest quality of fish with the best skills in town. I feel like i was really eating in Japan when i was at Shinji. Compare to the previous $75 set lunch which comes with 9 pieces of sushi, i feel omakase was not that valuable than the set lunch. But it was a really wonderful experience and i will definitely come back again.


Shinji by Kanesaka

Raffles Hotel #02-20, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm / Dinner 6pm to 10.30pm, Closed on Sundays

Tel: 65 6338 6131

Visited: Feb.20.2015