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After over 8-months waiting, Kki Cafe finally reopens at SOTA (School of the Arts) !! And the Little Dorm Store comes together with the cafe as well :)


It used to be a quite small dessert place in Ann Siang Hill, which also sells some nice cute things inside the shop ( at a corner called'The Little Dorm Store'). Due to the increase of rentals, sadly it closed down...But finally, they find a new home at SOTA, right on L2!


Kki sells somewhat the best Japanese cakes in Singapore. Anyway i really love the place, my friend and i once was crazy that two of us ate 5 pieces at a time, in 30 minutes....we just kept ordering ordering.  It's so glad to hear that its back!


It's the second day of opening, but seems not too much people here. I am sure it takes time for everyone to know this great news.



Drink menu.


All their cakes are inspired by Japanese, each with a lovely appearance that makes me seriously mouth-watering. And i tried a lot of their cakes before they moving, I just LOVE them.



All their main ingredients are shown, some of the pieces are alcoholic such as Mont Blanc and Tiramisu.


NAO ($9.00+)

This is probably the most popular cake at Kki, most of the people will order this when they come for the first time. It looks exactly the same as they used to be, expect there used to be a blackberry on the top. NAO is basically a raspberry mousse with pistachio mousse inside, with a bit touch of raspberry jam.


The mousse itself was very light and smooth, it melted in my mouth very soon. The raspberry favor is a bit sour and perfectly combined with the pistachio mousse inside and the sweetness of raspberry jam. I was kind scared of mousse cakes because of they are usually heavy, over-sweetened and makes me feel guilty, but NAO is an expection, at least for me.


Mont Blanc ($9.80+)

I am such a chestnut addict and i never miss Mont Blanc if i see them in any cake shop. Kki's Mont Blanc is one of my favorite in Singapore, as well as Pantler's. Mont Blanc is usually available in the afternoon, after 3 pm. Sometimes they don't put Mont Blanc in the counter and you have to ask. As i had that before, so i ask the lady to brought me one from the bakery.



The chestnut cream is very smooth and strong in chestnut flavor, although seems a lot icing sugar outside but not oversweetend at all.Underneath the chestnut layer is fresh cream, comes in moderate portion (because i hate cream!). The sponge cake under the cream is quite good, very soft and moist. The tart base is also moist , moderate hard ( i had a horrible experience at PAUL bakery with their raspberry, the tart base was hard like stone!). While the tart base is actually too sweet for me, not those kind of sweet that would stuck your throat, but comparably sweeter than other components of the cake.


Japanese Sencha ($4.80+)



After the sweet time at Kki, we head to the Little Dorm Store next to it. Very lovely stuff, but kind of overpricing.But it is still a nice place to choose gifts for your friend!


Kki Sweets

1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01,SOTA

Singapore 227968

Tel:6225 6650

Hours: 11:30am-8:30pm