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The award-winning restaurant, Keyaki, is renowned for its used of fresh ingredients imported directly from Japan. Che Hiroshi Ishii, together with his team, presents an array of authentic and immaculately presented Japanese food.




Housed on level 4 of Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, Keyaki is surrounded by a beautifully sculpted Japanese garden and koi pound. This elegant venue provides an authentic setting for the exquisite cuisine.




Emark on a culinary discovery of Hokkaido with three new eight-course kaiseki presentations at Keyaki, each crafted to highlight the rich and bountiful winter produce of Hokkaido. The menu is avaiable for lunch and dinner from Feb.6 to Mar.6, guests may select from the Hokkai ($190), Donnan ($180) or Hakodate($160).


Shirako (Cod milt) Tofu

The word 'shirako' means "white children," it is the cod milt and is the best produce in winter. The cod milt was slight grilled with a crispy outer layer, remain the inside creamy and smooth - just like the texture of tofu. This appetizer perfectly reflect the freshness and richness of winter produce in Hokkaido.



Consists of toro (tuna), Botan Ebi and Hokkigai (surf clam), the clam was tender and a little bit crispy, with a very clean taste. The tuna was also very high in quality and has a deeper flavor. While my favorite was the botan shrimp, which was large in size. The fresh and rich texture ends with a twist of sweetness from the shrimp itself.


Grilled Scallops with Egg Yolk Sauce

The scallops underneath were very fresh and tender, enhanced by the awesome homemade egg yolk sauce, and topped with fresh Ikura, the whole dish was really Umami.00

Snow Crab Tempura

Snow crab, native to the Northern Pacific Ocean is enjoyed for its delicate texture, sweet notes and distinctive snow white meat edge in brilliant streaks of red. The Snow Crab is simmered to slowly draw out the fragrant flavor and enhance the exquisite quality of the meat. This item is only available on the Hakodate menu, highly recommend.


Grilled Kinki Fish

Kinki fish is prized in Japan for its succulent meat and creamy consistency. Here at Keyaki, guests can choose either grilled or braised. For the grilled kinki fish, chef Hiroshii Ishii lightly sprinkled it with salt and gently grilled, enhancing the prime taste of the fish and infusing it with a smoky aroma while creating a deliciously crisply skin to contrast the delicate meat. An alternative choice besides the savory version of Kinki fish, the simmered Kinki fish with homemade sauce comes with a twist of sweetness. The fish itself was very tender and meaty, paired perfectly with the homemade sauce.


Simmered Kinki Fish


Ishikari Nabe

Salmon miso hot pot, a heartwarming delicacy traditionally served during the winter months in Hokkaido. This simmered sidh comprises salmon, seasonal vegetables and Hokkaido potatoes simmered in a savory miso broth, presenting a harmonious pairing of produce from both land and sea.



Started with the Hotate(scallops) sushi on the back, it was tender and juicy, with a very clean and lovely tastes. The Ikura was fresh and juicy, so enjoyable to have them popping in my mouth. Uni was definitely my favorite among the three - it was creamy and rich, ends with a sweet twist.


Fresh Yubari Melon and strawberry from Hokkaido - a very sweet and perfect ending.

I am so seriously missing Japan, especially Hokkaido at this point - for all the fresh goodness from land and ocean. In addition to exquisite Japanese cuisine, we particularly enjoyed the elegant ambiance with scenic views of the garden, and high quality service which feel like in Japan.They also serves weekend Kaiseki brunch at a affordable price of $75++. Keyaki is definitely a great place to go if you love Japanese food but  have no time to travel  to Japan.



Address: Pan Pacific Singapore, Level 4, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

Tel: +65 6826 8240

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