Singapore | Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck 御寶至尊烤鴨店

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck is my favorite place for Peking Duck in Singapore. Positioned No.40 of  Asia's Best 50 Restaurant in previous years, Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck offers well-known for roasting the peking duck to perfection. 1

Located on 5F in Paragon, unlike other fine dining Chinese restaurants in shopping malls in Orchard, it's almost impossible to eat at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck without a reservation days in advance.


The ambiance was warm and elegant.


Start with some delicious honeyed walnut ($3), healthy and crispy.


Peking Duck ($78) is definitely the must order dish here. The staff called us for confirmation of our reservation, as well as pre-order the famous duck.  The duck comes very soon after we seated. 


With a solemn dedication to preserving the centuries-old methods of the Emperor’s imperial kitchen, each whole duck is roasted to crisp perfection by our chefs from Beijing and sliced on the platter before our eyes.


Each of us was given a piece of crispy skin to serve with sugar. It was crispy like crakers, without any fat underneath the skin.



Each duck serves 3 plates of sliced duck. The first plate was duck breast, the second plate was from the back, which is fattier than the duck breast. The last plate was from the body part (not in the picture). The skin was really crispy, most of the meat are very lean, while some part on the back has moderate fat. The meat was very tender and juicy.


Each duck comes with Chinese chives, cucumber and a bit of steamed pancakes.1111

Wrapped the roasted duck in the super thin pancakes, with some chives and cucumbers for a refreshing balance,dipped some Traditional Sweet wheat sauce (甜面酱 tián miàn jiàng), the entire piece is seriously a bomb. The process of rolling the pancake up was enjoyable, and i cannot stop making and eating it.55

Steamed Bamboo Clams with Vermicelli and Garlic ($16/each) was very fresh and flavorful. Always one of my best seafood!


Lo Hon Vegetables in Pot ($14) was healthy and tasty, with generous amout of tofu sheets, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and bok choy. We all considered it much better than Crystal Jade's as we don't like thickenings.


For greens, Hong Kong Kailan with Ginger sauce ($18) and Poached Broccoli ($14) were both very fresh and delicious.


The attendants are very friendly, with efficient service. Besides the signature Peking Duck which is a must-try, all other dishes are also very high in quality and flavors. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck at Paragon is always my top pick Chinese restaurant in town.


Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant 御寶至尊烤鴨店

Address: Paragon, #05-42/45, 290 Orchard Road Tel: (65) 6732 7838

Hours: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00

Visited: Feb.22.2015