Singapore | Iggy's @ Hilton Hotel

Named after its founder, Sommelier and Restaurateur, Ignatius Chan, Iggy's is one of the top restaurants in Singapore and even in Asia. Included in the S.Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants list since 2006, it currently holds the 12th position.  Iggy’s also topped the list of the Miele Guide. Iggy’s relocated to the Hilton Hotel in September 2010. The restaurant is quite small,  with 40 seats in the main dining room and two private dining rooms and a dessert counter where guests can watch the dessert chef at work.


The  menu does not follow a particular style of cuisine, but instead serves a progressive modern European cuisine with Asian twists based on the seasonal produce.

If you are not sure what to have as a first-timer, the lunch is definitely a more affordable and secure choice. You can choose from 3 or 4 courses set lunch at $85++ and $105++ respectively, otherwise, the 6-courses lunch tasting is a good deal at $150++.


Amuse Bouche

The flavor of 3 selections of amuse bouche increases from right to left. On the right side was anago with avocado and tomato, topped with mandarin sauce. The anago was lightly seared and keeps the interior raw and tender - very clean and fresh. Saba with caviar was much higher in flavor, as the saba was lightly salted and seared. The deep-fried sakura ebi was very crispy, the lovely aroma from the shrimp itself last quite long.


TORO: cabbage, pine nuts, yuzu

The smoke was really impressive, after the smoke gradually went out , the beautiful inside appears. Chopped otoro and chutoro on a bed of cabbage, topped with pine nuts and some fine leaves. The toro was nicely dressed with yuzu, which perfectly balanced the rich flavor of toro. The fine parmesan cheese on the side enhanced the overall taste of the entire dish.


Then comes the bread. I didn't even notice that the bread haven't been served until the attendant brought the bread plate. The reason why the bread comes so late is that, they don't want to customers to feel too full before the main course comes. Totally agree.


SAWADA: Bamboo shoot, nanohana, Brussels sprouts

The spanish mackerel was char-grilled with a crispy skin. The fish itself was tender, but no that kind of 'melt-in-your mouth' tender.


KAYA & TEH TARIK: Pandan, Ceylon tea

Probably the most popular dessert at Iggy's - infused by the Singaporean ingredients such as Kaya and pandan. It was delight and refresh, but the flavor of ceylon tea ice cream somehow much stronger than Kaya (those yellow creme on the right side). The ‘Kaya toast’ on the back with a hot and creamy filling was quite memorable.


Your choice of tea or coffee is also inclusive.12

Then i was presented with a whole box of colorful goodness, you can choose any items as your Petit Fours: macarons, chocolates, soft candy, marshmallows or truffle chocolate. Such a perfect ending for a dessert holic.


I chose the black truffle macaron, which was really good. High in truffle flavor, and the shell didn't crash at all. The plum chocolate with sake filling, and truffle chocolate were also lovely.



Address: 581 Orchard Road, The Hilton Singapore Level 3, Singapore 238883

Hours: Mon to Fri, 12.00pm - 1.30pm (Lunch) Mon to Sat, 7.00pm - 9.30pm


Visited: Jan.23.2015