Singapore | Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

Housed on the 4th floor of Takashimaya, Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant is a fine dining Chinese restaurant which won accolades of awards, serves  exquisite Cantonese cuisine with a  elegance ambience.




Deep Fried White Bait Fish ($10) is one of chef's recommended appetizers. Each white bait fish was coated with a thin layer of flour and deep fried, it has a crispy skin and tender meat inside. Although infused with some chilies, the overall flavor was a little bit bland.


Steamed Bamboo Clam with Vermicelli and Garlic ($13/each) was very tender, steamed to medium and with a texture of sashimi. It was very fresh and flavorful.


Roasted Duck ($20) has very crispy skin and tender meat. It was not overly oily nor too fat.


Tofu with Lingzhi Mushroom ($20) 

We love the egg tofu with a touch of spinach, it was pan-fried with a crispy skin and silk inside. A very healthy and flavorful dish.


Fried Spinach ($18)


As crabs were not available that night, we ended with ordering Chili Prawns ($38) to satisfied our crave for chili crabs. Unfortunately the sauce was too sweet compare to Jumbo and Imperial Treasure, and the prawns were quite small.


French Beans with Minced Meat ($18)


Stewed Mixed Vegetables with Taro Sauce ($20) was recommended by the table next to us. Consists of tofu sheets, mushrooms, black fungus, bamboo shoots, eggplant, vermicelli and bok choy, it was a such a pot of soulfood. Although it was cooked with homemade taro sauce, the taste was not very memorable and we don't like the thickening. But it is understandable that it is hard to make vegetable dishes surprisingly good.


Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant 翡翠皇宫酒家

Address: 391 Orchard Road , Takashimaya S.C. #04-19 Tel: (65) 6735 2388 Hours:  Mon-Sat 11:30am-3:00pm & 6:00pm-11:00pm / Sun & PH 10:30am-3:00pm & 6:00pm-11:00pm

Visited: Feb.21.2015