Singapore | Corner House, Botanic Garden

Took over the previous heritage building of Au Jardin, Corner House at Botanic Garden was opened 8 months ago, which serves fine-dining French food influenced by Gastro-Botanica. Gastro-Botanica is the contemporary cuisine created by Chef Jason Tan that emphasizes refinement and quality, and gives equivalent weight on the plate to protein and botanical (vegetable) elements. Visited: April.14.2015

Came for: Carabinero prawn, Hokkaido Scallop, Kaya dessertDSC06354



The main dining room is on the second floor, with a in-door dining area, and a 'out-door' seating on the terrance with the company of trees and dense hedgerows encircling the house.




Corner House offers lunch sets from 12pm from Tuesday to Sunday, $42++ for 3 courses and $52++ for 4 courses, and few dishes with additional charges. To ensure the best dining experience, both of us picked the 5-course discovery menu priced at $88++.


Two kinds of breads to choose from, i picked the raison & walnut sourdough which was warm and fluffy. My partner also tried the traditional baguette but she much prefers the sourdough.


The prawn was so good,  succulent and sweet. Company by the signature tomato in different ways, the entire dish consists of different textures and flavor - a must try. (9/10)


The beetroot collection reminds the one at JAAN, while the flavor and texture was quite different. The root vegetables were nicely processed, the smoked eel balanced well with the refreshing vegetables. (8/10)


I love most of the truffle dishes but to be honest, this soup made me (us) quite sick. The soup itself was quite weak in coconut flavor as the milk flavor was much stronger, and it was somewhat bland. The truffle was thin thus the flavor was not very strong. The part we enjoyed the most of this course was actually the 'bikini', which was a sandwich with potato filling and a hint of black truffle. Although the fragrant of black truffle was quite weak, the crispy toast and the flavorful potato filling was not bad.  (6/10)


The scallop came with an appetizing appearance and lovely seared flavor. It has a brown crispy outerlayer and tender in the center, but not the perfect 'sashimi' texture. The risotto was al dante and nicely flavored. As a hot appetizer, we felt the risotto on the bottom was quite too much (compare to the single scallop). But overall, the dish i enjoyed the most of the meal.  (8.5/10)


The presentation, which is the first impression of the dish is very important. As the presentation of the dish was not very appealing,  i expected more on the taste side. The cod itself has a brown and crispy outerlayer and generally tender center, the mushroom sabayon did works! Which was flavorful and deep in mushroom flavor. The 'ugly' leek was much 'fattier' than i thought. But overall, i felt there was nothing very special about this dish. (7.5/10)


My partner had the braised beef cheek, it was juicy but not melt-in-mouth tenderness. The sauce went through the entire beef well but partner found it quite average as there's nothing surprised her on the taste side.  (7/10)


Currently two fine dining restaurants have desserts inspired by kaya, one is Iggy's and one is here. This signature dessert was something i expected the most. However we were quite disappointing - we have no clue about the kaya and pandan flavor, the cookie was too sweet and almost covered all other flavors. While the coconut palm sugar nicely mirrorred the chendol, and the yuzu sorbet was quite refreshing. (7.5/10)


Surprisingly, we both much preferred the Philibon Melon, very refreshing flavor of the yogurt and sweet melon. (8/10)




You will never go wrong with salted egg yolk, especially such a special way. The salted egg yolk cream was high in flavor, the almond base was a bit over sweet but the sea salt on the surface brought a very nice balance. I think i can eat all the macarons at once if you give me a box of this.


The dishes we enjoyed the most was the prawn, scallop and the salted egg yolk macarons, the melon dessert was great as well. However, the rest were quite average and lack of specialities. Maybe we expected too much on the food. The ambiance is no doubt awesome, perfect for a romantic meal.



Corner House

Address: E J H Corner House, 1 Cluny Road

+65 64691000