Singapore | Catalunya (Closed)

Housed in a floating dome at the Fullerton Pavilion, Catalunya serves one of the best Spanish food in Singapore. The 120-seat 4,300 square-foot restaurant has a 300-degree breathtaking view of Marina Bay and the skyline.

Visited: Apr.9th.2015


Catalunya boasts a team trained at the world’s top restaruants include El Bulli, Santi, Drolma and Sketch. The menu has influences from these restaurants.


The restaurant is divided into two sessions- a large circular bar on a raised section with a overlooking the restaurant, and the main dining area with all tables that can enjoy the “dress-circle” views of the Marina Bay  through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Unlike most of the western cuisines, Spanish food is all about sharing. The menu focuses on both authentic traditional and modern taps and main courses. Main courses can only be ordered at the main dining area, while the tapas can be ordered from the cocktail and tapas bar at any time of the day from 12pm to 10.30pm.

Catalunya also offers executive lunch set during weekdays, well-priced at $38 per head (seal the deal with a glass of red or white house pour wine at $10++ per glass).


Not only famous for fine Spanish food, Catalunya also offers authentic cocktails. Reserved Gin ($28), is definitely a top-pick at Catalunya. Made with Bombay Snapphire Gin, smoked citrus peel and carbonated - do hurry as they only serve 50 a week.


It was really refreshing and please don't be scared if you have to go back to office later, its not that strong as other cocktails, yet perfect to pair with your meal ! Lots of words have been said about this, but come on this is just a cocktail. Give it a try and you will be the one to tell everybody about it.




You have to try this ever-popular Spherical Olives ($3 each) at Catalunya. It is a distinctive approach to spanish olives - made with olive purée essence with a jelly spherical skin.  Have them in one bite and watch out for the pit in the mouth, the olive juices wonderfully burst in mouth, with a deep and consistent olive flavor. A must try!


Bread with Tomato ($10)

Cannot be any simpler - bread imported from the Mediterranean, with fresh tomato and drizzled with olive oil, it was surprisingly impressive. The salted crusty bread has a fluffy center with juicy sweet tomatoes, a very nice refreshing way to start the meal.


Jamón ibérico ($55)  is the ham from a noble black pigs - Iberico pigs must graze under Encina oak trees, because their acorns give the pigs’ fat a rich, creamy texture that melts in your mouth. The unique savory taste  created in part by the aroma of sweet acorns that the pigs feed on. Enjoy the ham with the refreshing tomato bread to enhance a balance between the savory and sweetness that urged you to want more.


Catalunya Tartar ($20) comprises of confit tomato and tomato air. For the confit, the chefs at Catalunya takes on the texture and appearance of  a smooth and sticky beef tartar, while intensifying the tomato flavor by a tomato-based foam.


It was un-expected good, deep in tomato flavor yet very refreshing, perfect with the bread crisps.


Avocado Roll ($25) is what i came for - a beautiful roll filled with georgeous portion of shredded fresh lobsters, wrapped in layers of avocado, with luxurious salmon roe and caviar on top. The lobster was bouncy and works perfectly with the creamy avocado and popping roes. 


Bikini ($20) is another highlight on the menu, its not your normal ham & cheese sandwich! Made with Jamon Iberico ham, balck truffle and cheese in between the cursty-surface toast, the cheesy savory in the center was really high in flavor and melt in my mouth, blissed! Catalunya taking the simple ham and cheese sandwich to an entirely different level.




Figurers Onion Soup with Fried Egg (appetizer from Set Lunch menu) is a new item on the lunch menu, which is a dish that is served commonly in Spain

. The egg has a crispy skin and a perfect runny yolk. The onion soup is very different from the French style, it was incredibly smooth and has a naturally sweet flavor from the onions.


Get your cameras ready for another show :D


I believe most of you have heard of the Mexican Tortilla, but do you know there two different kinds of tortilla in the world? Another one is the Spanish tortilla.




The Other Spanish Tortilla ($16) is a modern twist to the most famous spanish tapa served in a martini glass, inspired by the molecular culinary at El Billi. On the bottom was sweet caramelized onions, covered in egg sabayon and  hot fluffy potato foam.


Enjoy this rich, smooth and creamy goodness bottom-up with a spoon, i was quite impressive by this interesting and delicious 'new' dish.


After the modern Spanish omelette, we moved on to the traditional one - Classic Tortilla de Patatas($18), which is scrambled egg with potatoes, onions, garlic aioli and brava sauce.


It has a beautiful browned surface, with  a oozing filling. Every single bite was high in flavor and enjoyable - very homely flavor and i wish i could have this every morning.




When you visit Catalunya, the suckling pig is a MUST try.Don’t feel like having a whole suckling pig? Have the same pleasure in two bites with Suckling Pig Tapa ($22) instead. The meat was moist, juicy and melt-in-mouth tender, the skin is very crispy, the entire piece was fantastic. The pig tapa is served with a refreshing pineapple chutney to clean off the plate.


A beautiful plate of Homemade Vegetarian Ravioli with Parma Cream (main course from Set Lunch) from the lunch menu. The smell of the housemade parma cream and the beautiful appearance makes me appetizing even after eating so much dishes.


Definitely not your typical vegetarian ravioli filled with spinach and cheese, the ravioli was freshly made in house, with asparagus, mushroom, bell pepers, etc. Very hearty yet delicious!


Lobster Rice ($80) is no doubt a delectable dish at Catalunya. The texture of the  rice is between paella and risotto, cooked in a lobster broth with cubed baby cuttlefish. The starchy, creamy and toothy sauce is rich and flavorful, the cubed octopus nicely added the chewy texture. The lobster itself was juicy succulent and wonderfully paried with the rice.


Torrija ($14) is a duo of fried toasted bread soaked in milk, honey and eggs, the texture is more like the British bread pudding. The outerlayer is crunchy and paired well with the second helper- the  homemade smoked ice-cream. The smoky fragrant was very lovely, a must try.


The Banana Pudding (dessert from Set Lunch) from the set lunch menu is warm, soft, melty with a very lovely banana fragrance.  Very homely flavor!


Catalunya is no doubt one of the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore, so far my favorite. The view from the restaurant rounds up to a very good meal, the food we tried were consistently splendid, high-quality ingredients, delicious and nicely portioned. Some of the dishes are pricy but definitely worth trying. The service is excellent, the servers are very friendly and efficiently. Catalunya is deifinitely a great place to chill out with a group of friends.

Catalunya also serves good-value Sunday Brunch from 12.30pm to 4pm every Sunday, priced at $98++ per person including juices, tea and coffee. Sunday Brunch has two components serving different items – cold cuts, pastries, salads and more at the self-serve buffet line, bikini and tortillas made to order free flow, and main courses (served only once). You physicially have to be there for 4 hours is you want to enjoy all the dishes across tapas, mains and desserts. But you won't feel its like 4 hours because all the people will get involved - its just like a party :)


Recommended Dish:  Avocado Roll, Tomato Bread,  Lobster Rice, Suckling Pig (Tapa), Torrija, Catalunya Tartar, Estrellados Con Chorizo, Spherical Olives


Thanks Catalunya for the invitation.