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Burnt Ends is an Australian barbecue restaurant owned by Chef Andre Chiang of Andre, No.6 of Asia's Best 50 Resaurants 2015 & No.37 Word's Best 50 Restaurants 2014. The Australian-born chef David Pynt took over Burnt Ends in 2013 after fronting an acclaimed pop-up in London, and brought Burnt Ends to a position of No.30 of Asia's Best 50 Restaurants 2015.

Visited: Mar.2015


Burnts Ends housed onTeck Lim Road (Keong Saik Road), steps away from Restaurant Emder.

Burnt Ends, Singapore- No.30 Asia's Best 50 Restaurants 2015


Bordered by a 17-cover dining counter, the open kitchen is dominated by a four-tonne, dual cavity oven fired by apple and almond wood. Burnt Ends focuses on the concept freshly grilled small-bites, the menu changes daily but some signature dishes are always on the menu.




Start with the famous Smoked Quail Eggs ($6), the runny yolk perfectly exploded in my mouth, with a smokey flavor, and left a sweet aftertaste.




For meat lovers, you won't go wrong with Beef Marmalade and Pickles ($14). The housemade sourdough was char-grilled in front of us, with the tender, flavorful beef and melting cheese, each bite was so enjoyable. The pickles and baby onions nicely balanced the flavor.


Chef David works here everyday as long as the restaurant is open. It was fun to see him, as well as all the others processing food in front of us.


Onion, Maple and Almond ($18) looks simply a messy and not that tasty, but i believe even you are not a vegetable lover, you will love this dish.


The onion was wonderfully grilled - fat, juicy and sweet. The maple and Parmesan cheese lifted up the overall flavor, coupled by the crunchy toasted almonds and sweet raisins, it was really delicious and healthy dish during a meat-dominated meal.



Burnt Ends' Sanger ($20) is definitely the highlight on the menu.


Made of 10-hour pulled pork shoulder, which was smokey, high in flavor yet very tender and juicy. Don't be scared of the calories, because it is not that meaty as you imagined -  there are also nicely flavored coleslaw, chipotle aioli mixed with the pork, which balanced well with each other. The brioche bun was soft and fluffy, together with cheese, YES PLEASE.


Kingfish, Apple and Seaweed ($21) was another recommended dish on the menu. It came with a lovely burnt smell.


The fish meat itself was juicy and moist, while the skin was way too burnt for my liking, which tastes a bit bitter. It was deep in flavor but after ate a lot of this, i found it was actually quite salty, although the seaweed & apple salad and lemon zest did helped balance a bit, i still couldn't stop drinking water afterwards.


The freshly baked Plum and Blueberry Tart ($12) was the only dessert during lunch time. It has been placed right in front of us for a long while, it smells really buttery and looks really mouthwatering, We were really stuffed at this point, and the dessert i really want to try is the grilled pineapple which is only available during dinner.



But meal without dessert is incomplete, my stomach said yes to the small skew of  Burnt Marshmallow ($2), which was actually an off-menu item. The outerlayer was burnt and crispy, inside was creamy and melting - sweet ending.


In general, we enjoyed the meal a lot. All the dishes we had were great, except the kingfish dish was a bit too salty for my liking. Burnt Ends was surprisingly busy during lunch time, and we found that most of the diners were white. The ambiance was fancy and relax, definitely a nice place to catch up with friends. There's no service charge so it is reasonable for the average service especially during peak hours.

Burnt Ends

20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391

+65 6224 3933