Singapore | Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

In case you are not familiar with Gordon Ramsay, he is a highly successful chef, restaurateur, television personality and the author of a number of best-seller books.With 25 restaurants around the world and boasting a total of 14 Michelin stars, the global culinary icon finally launched his successful Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands.


Visited: Jun.23.2015 (Dinner)

Address:2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, #01-81 Singapore 018792

Hours: 11:30am-10pm daily (Thu-Sat ~12am)

Prices: Starters $16-28, Mains $26-$44, Desserts $15-$20



Similar to Bread Street Kitchen Hong Kong, the restaurant  is styled mirroring the London edition - a lively warehouse design combining vintage and modern decor - with the classic white-and-black checkered floor, yellow leather booth seats, dark wood tables and a semi-open kitchen.


The menu features a wide selection of British European dishes cross cold/hot appetizers, salads, main courses, sides and desserts by using the most fresh local and seasonal produce. Bread Street Kitchen Singapore is now helmed by the female chef Sabrina Stillhart, who has been with the London group for over 10 years.


Bread is very important element to leave a good impression on the guest. The nourishing freshly baked breads featured sourdoughs, multi-grain, focaccia bread, rye bread and breadsticks, which were pretty pleasant, the crust of the breads was not rock hard and inside was soft and fluffy.


Roasted veal carpaccio with a runny-yolk quail egg was quite pleasant, the medium-roasted veal was succulent and balanced well with dill pickles. While the tuna dressing nicely enhanced the flavor of the dish.


Although with a quite dry looking and boring presentation, the beef brisket tastes not too bad. Most of us thought the grain mustard seasoning was a bit strong for our liking, so i don't recommend you to eat each part separately. Simply mixed the beef and piccalilli together on the cracker, the combination of salty and sour was awesome.


The favorite cols starter we tried of the night was the spicy tuna tartare. The tuna was fresh and juicy, with a flavorful seasoning. The sour cream balanced very well with the spciy tuna tartare, left a very lovely aftertaste.


Move to the hot starters, the flatbread with butternut squash has a very thin and crispy bread base. Portobello mushroom was quite juicy, the basil pesto and Taleggio cheese lift up the flavor. There's not too many vegetarian options on the menu, but this one is definitely a healthy yet delicious dish to the table.


The 'War of Chicken Wings' has been on for almost a year, there are so many decent fried chicken wings in town, so how's Gordon Ramsay's version tastes like? I am not a big fan of fried food thus i seldom eat chicken wings (which means i don't have too many chicken wing experience), especially those American and Korean styles. With glazed soy sauce and a crispy skin, i personally loved its appetizing and deep flavors. The spring onions and coriander brought a touch of refreshing. While the rest thought the sauce could be stronger and the skin could be crisper. It was pretty pleasant to me, as its not your Korean fried chicken - you cannot put them on the same scale.


I am almost stuffed at this point, however that's just the first part of the meal. The roasted black cod came first among all the four main courses we had. The fish was nicely roasted, with a crispy skin and moderate fat underneath, the flesh was juicy and umami. I loved the pairing of red wine sauce as it was commonly used in red meat, and the lemon sauce brought a refreshing hint.


Fish & chips is probably the first food come to my mind about British food. I neither have too much fish & chips experience but the one at Bread Street Kitchen was satistying.The batter was light and crispy, while the fish was perfectly tender and moist. The freshly crushed pea brought a nice refreshness, paired with the in-house made tartar sauce, the combination was indulgent yet irresistible.


With a gold-brown cracking and super crunchy skin, the  slow-raosted pork belly is one of the top picks on the menu. Underneaths its satisfying skin, the meat was succulent and melt-in-mouth tenderness. The sauce works very well with the pork, and the sourness of spiced apple puree brightened the entire dish.


Despite the famous pork belly was satisying, the slow cooked veal shin was not doubt our favorite of all the mains. The wonderfully grilled veal came with a lovely aroma, its succulent and flavorful meat was just excellent.


We really need some vegetables to balance the spread, so here's Gordon Ramsay's spiced honey carrots. I enjoyed homecooking a lot if i am not eating out, and i really loved GR's recipes. Gordon Ramsay works his magic with this special side-dish: root vegetables roasted with honey, star anise, cinnamon and thyme. The melt-in-mouth carrots make me feel like Christmas dinner!


Another very homme and traditional homecooking dish we tried was macaroni cheese with garlic roasted crumbs. Macaroni was a bit softer than al dante, the cheesy flavor was quite lovely.


The last but not the least - dessert part. I am pretty sure there's something for you on the dessert menu. Hey chocolate lovers, try the Chocolate fondant with salted caramel and mint chocolate chip ice cream ($20) with a warm and melting center. It was quite high in flavor and might be heavy, but the mint chocolate chip ice cream on the side balanced well with the fondant.

Monkey Shoulder Cranachan cheesecake with roasted balsamic strawberries ($18) was not your common cheese cakes that are quite heavy and firm, the texture was rather airy and light. My favorite was Coffee and white chocolate parfait with poached blackberries ($18), which was not as sweet as the previous two cakes i mentioned, the coffee flavor was lovely and paired well with cacao flakes and poached blackberries. If you are craving for something more freshing and healthier, get the Pineapple carpaccio, passion fruit, coconut sorbet ($15), its tropical boost has a very nice balance of sweetness and sourness from the ingredients themselves.


We were so stuffed but one more step to the end - 'the dessert you wanna take to bed'. This rich, sweet tart tastes even better a day after baking, when the breadcrumbs have had time to absorb the moist filling. The creme fraiche ice-cream brought a touch of refreshing to the indulgent pie.




We visited on the fifth day of its opening, and were told the reservation is full until July.We left at around 9pm and noticed some groups have just arrived. If you really want to try their food, maybe you can try to sit down at the bar, where combines well known classics with some more innovative and fun cocktails, as well as a large collection of world wines.


In general, it was a very enjoyable dinner with an excellent company, the dishes we went through were pretty decent, no matter the traditional British food or the fusion Asian dishes. I loved the salmon tartatre, chicken wings, flatbread, lamb, pork, fish and of course, chocolate fondant and coffee parfait. I also enjoyed relaxing and homme amabiance at Bread Street Kitchen.


Thanks Marina Bay Sands and Bread Street Kitchen for the invitation.