Singapore | Aoki by Les Amis

Aoki is definitely my most-frequently visited Japanese restaurant. It is own by the Les Amis group, which is the largest fine dining food chain in Singapore. Aoki probably provides highest-quality set lunches with the best reasonable price in town. Not that high-ended as Shinji, Hashida, or Ichi those kinds of most expensive sushi places, but Aoki is the best besides them. We always come back for its Mazechirashi, but this time we decided to try something new.

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There are two rounds of lunch time, and reservations are highly recommended. We made a reservation 2 weeks advance at the first round at 12:00pm because the restaurant was fully booked for both rounds before that. The second round start at 1:30pm.


The restaurant mainly consists of a sushi counter, 3 booth tables, and a small private room for 2.




Their lunch menu is really a steal, probably the highest quality with afforable price in Singapore. Besides the set lunch menu, a la carte items and seasonal menu are also available.


Complimentary appetizer changes daily. This is seaweed with soy braised tuna chunks.


Appetizer: Potato Salad from another visit here.


Appetizer: Braised lotus root with soy sauce


All the set lunches come with a fresh salad. It was nicely dressed with Japanese yuzu dressing.


Here's my favorite food in AOKI, also my favorite Mazechirashi($40) in Singapore. Comes a very large and pretty bowl, the food inside is even much prettier.


The sashimi cubes to shari rice ratio is 2:1, all the sashimi are in very high quality, and there's no cheap salmon inside.

(When i went to Japan and visited several Michelin 3 stars Japanese restaurants, i confirmed with the chef that high-end Japanese restaurants will not sell salmon, because salmon means 'cheap').Instead, what we got is toro (fatty tuna), tamago (sweet omelette, which is some of the best in town), yellowtail, ikura (salmon roe), etc. and UNI!!!


The sashimi is seasoned in soy sauce, so you don't need to use soy anymore. Those fish are really fresh and high quality, and i can feel the sweetness of them even they have been seasoned in soy sauce. The shari (sushi rice) is nicely seasoned as well, every single rice taste a little bit sweet, and chewy. Don't you want a bit? Oh sorry, one bite is not enough at all.


Nigiri Sushi Tokusen ($55++) comes with 9 pieces of nigiri sushi and 1 tuna roll. Compare to the Nigiri Sushi Gyo-Sen ($33++) which comes with 7 pieces nigiri, this one uses the more expensive fish. (See my previous post for Nigiri Sushi Gyo-sen).


How can i resist toro? It is one of the best pieces in the set, absoultly melting in my mouth. Besides that, the unagi was also melting in my mouth. Their tamago is always my favorite as well.


The Nigiri Sushi Tokusen also comes with Chawanmushi, which you won't get in the Gyo-sen set, neither Mazechirashi or other cheaper sets.


There are lots of 'liao' inside, which includes shrimp, chicken, mushroom, kani...


Then the server comes with a two layer box, which was the Shokado (松花堂 $42++). She opened the box for us, it looks so pretty and mouthwatering.6_Fotor_Collage

The Shokado comes with assorted sashimi, simmered course, tempura and rice. Tempura of the day was vegetable tempura made of onions, carrots and some greens. The starch layer was really thin and crispy. For sashimi, we got toro, tuna,scallops, botan shrimp, octopus, clams,yellowtail. Very fresh and nice cuts, not thin at all. Toro is my favorite among all. The rice was made into a beautiful flower shape, with some furikake. I am not a bland rice lover, but the furikake makes it attractive to me!


All the sets come with miso soup.


Once i had the Nigiri Sushi Jyo-sen ($33), which is the cheapest set on the menu.Comes with 7 pieces sushi and tamago. Not bad but certainly not as good as the Mazechirashi and Nigiri Sushi Tokusen.


Our lunch table.


Some dessert to end our lunch. The ice cream of the day was mango flavor, along with housemade matcha pudding and mint jelly. Their pudding is all time favorite in their dessert section, really smoothie and strong flavor.

When the bill comes, i surprisingly found that they didn't charge for the additional eggplant. But that wouldn't be the reason why i love this place so much. Anyway, will be back soon to try other food next time!

AOKI restaurant

1 Scotts Road, #02-17 Shaw Centre,Singapore

+65 6333 8015