Singapore | Adrift by David Myers

Adrift, the first celebrity chef restaurant opened in Marina Bay Sands in 2015, by Los Angeles-based  Michelin chef and David Myers. Adrift located on the ground floor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with a very modern and gastonomy decor. The restaurant features a cocktail bar, lounge, main dining room, and open kitchen helmed by executive chef Dong Choi. As Ched David Myers said, "Adrift is a playful take on a kaleidoscope of experiences that will tantalize your palate. It's for the dreamers and explorers." The menu at Adrift features wide range of Asian-inflected small plates like tapas, the kitchen is quite flexible with diners who have special dietary requests and can even make some off-menu dishes as requested.


Visited: Jun.27.2015 (Dinner)

Address: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 2

Hours: Daily 12pm to 2:30pm, Sun-Thu 6pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm, Bar & Lounge Daily 12pm to 2am




Before stepping into the main dining room, i deiced to have a drink at the bar first. I was craving for a non-alcohol drink that is refreshing and less sweet, the bartender recommended Virgin East Side to me.By using fresh grapefruit juice as a base, accompanied with lime and soda, the overall flavor was pretty refreshing. All the drinks come with a side of homemade popcorn.




Compare to the dim cocktail bar, the main dining room is much brighter and spacious.The breezy Californian decor makes me feel like in a garden, besides the normal dining tables, there are also swing booths by the window that look out to a water feature and green wall outside.


I started off with some complimentary in-house made crackers, from the top to bottom were white-rice cracker, black rice, and brown rice. I especially loved Yuzu kosho aioli on the side, its creamy and smooth texture features a very refreshing and umami flavor. Dipped the crispy cracker into their homemade aioli to waken the plate.




Adrift serves a wide selection of toasts, started with the beautiful toast with ricotta cheese, topped with preserved lemon and Okinawa black sugar. The creamy ricotta cheese with a light and fresh flavor was so good on the toasted homemade toast, which has a golden crust and soft inside. The bitterness and sourness of preserved lemon as well as the black sugar nicely enhanced the flavor.


Served in a toasted Pan de Mie bread and served with pimento cheese and pieces of fresh alaskan king crab in between, the King Crab Melt is no doubt everyone's favorite toast. The umami and sweetness works wonderfully with the savory and melting cheese. The pickles on the top brought a clean touch to the flavorful crab toast. (The picture above is half-portioned)


After finishing the refreshing Virgin East Side, i decided to try the signature alcoholic cocktail Trouble Maker. It was a bit sweeter than the previous one, not very strong and still on the refreshing side.


Tuna and avocado is definitely one of the best combination in the world. The tuna was marinated with basil, thus has a special fragrance, its umami tenderness paired so well with the stuffed spicy, creamy avocado. The papaya sauce with a coconut twist balanced very well. A pretty refreshing dish but i wish the flavor of tuna could be stronger. (The picture above is half-portioned)


Recommended by the restaurant manager, the grilled yuba with truffle cheese is another Asian-inspired dish.Grilled with extra virgin olive oil, the dish came with a lovely grilled aroma with a hint of truffle. The chewy texture and flavorful aromatic cheese flavored with fresh truffle paired so well with the crispness of grilled yuba, the spice on the top nicely enhanced the flavor.


Seared Hokkaido Scallop is another recommended dish on the new menu. The Hokkaido scallops were perfectly seared, with a  fantastic crispy and caramelized on the outside, but still completely tender and juicy inside. Its sweetness works well with the flavor of sake. The peas and beans brought a touch of greens to the dish. A lovely one. (The picture above is half-portioned)


The properly grilled oyster mushrooms were quite bouncy, loved the smoked tomato chili dressing which was a flavorful creation of sourness, sweetness and spicy.


I was quite stuffed but a meal without dessert is incomplete. Thus i picked the lightest and most refreshing dessert on the menu instead of the signature Caramel French Toast($9). The sweet and sour chilled creaminess works excellent with the biscuit crumbles and candied calamansi 'lid' on the top, the textural and refreshing dessert brought a satisfying end to the meal.


Having dinner at such a relaxing and upscale casual restaurant is enjoyable, the food came with quality ingredients and tasty flavors were memorable, well portioned with reasonable prices.  Each dish i tried were satisfying, especially the toasts. I enjoyed the food with an Asian twist, very creative and delicious. The service was outstanding, the only pity here was i don't have enough room for the french toast, but for sure next time. It's a great place for after-work snacks and drinks, more so than lunch or dinner.