Singapore | El Mero Mero, Chijmes

El Mero Mero  (which means ‘the go-to guy’ ) is an authentic Mexican restaurant at the refurbished Chijmes. Focusing on offering quality traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern twist, El Mero Mero is passionate about choosing the best ingredients, wines, and drinks that best reflects the traditions and tastes of Mexico. Most of the ingredients used in the dishes are sourced directly from Mexico and alltortilla, salsas, sauces are freshly homemade.




The restaurant is devided into three sections: a outdoor seating surrounded by a nice heritage garden, a bar, and a main dining room indoor with an opened kitchen. El Mero Mero offers a variety selection of tequilas, mezcales, Hispanic wines and delicate cocktails to refresh your palate.


The ambiance at the main dining room is elegant, warm and welcoming. It is also enjoyable to see the chefs processing food through the opened kitchen.




El Mero Mero $18: mezcal, orange, fresh lime, agave

We start with two cups of signature cocktails. Both were very refreshing, with twists of Mexican and tropical, and not sugary.


Latin Lover ($18): White and dark rum, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, flowers


Guacamole ($14) is something you must have to try at a Mexican restaurant. The quality of Guacamole can somehow reflects the quality of restaurant. We really love the Guacamole here, the lime and minced tomatoes balanced well with the creamy avocado, the entire dish was really refreshing. On the side, homemade tortilla has a very strong corn flavor, it was crispy and nicely paired with the creamy Guacamole.


Tostada de Atun ($17) is another hot-pick at El Mero Mero. Made of fresh tuna, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo on a bed of crunchy homemade tortilla. The tuna sashimi was very fresh and tender, with a twist of Mexican chipotle mayo and pico de gallo, which tastes a little bit spicy but still refreshing on the flavor. The tortilla enhanced the overall texture and flavor of the dish, such a lovely starter.


Then comes the hot appetizer that we expected the most - Pulpo a las Brasas ($28), which is bascially a grilled octopus with corn cream, black garlic and tajin ash. The octopus was large in size, with a mouthwatering burnt smell. It was tender but also really enjoyable to chew it in my mouth. We also love the sauces a lot, very real Mexican flavor and tastes so good with the octopus.


When eating at a Mexican restaurant, another thing you must try is tacos. I am a big fan of tacos and the Pescato Costero ($39) here was really impressive. Made of the market fish of the day, with shishito, onion rings, chipotle mayo and flour tortilla, the fish itself was very tender and the overall flavor perfectly lifted by the chipotle mayo.



Move on to the main course, the classical Mole Negro ($32) was a really interesting one - free range chicken with oaxaca black mole, dry fruits, and side with white rice. Oaxaca black mole is a very famous savory-sweet mole made of dark chocolate, chili peppers, onions, garlic, cinnamon, sesame, hoja santa, etc. Chicken with chocolate-flavor sauce?  Sounds interesting but it was amazing - creamy, bitter, sweet, spicy and savory. The chicken itself was tender but a little bit dry (which is common for home-processed chicken breast), but paired so well with the mole. The dried fruits were used for extra sweetness.


Made of corn tortilla filled with prawns, tomatillo-serrano salsa with cream and cheese, Enchiladas Verdes ($28) is definitely another dish you have to try out. The minced shrimp was spicy and high in flavor, with a lovely cheesy flavour but not heavy nor greasy at all.


Donus de huitlacoche ($9)

I am not a big fan of donuts but this cute kit of Mexican donuts was seriously a bomb. Different from the normal donuts, this savory version donuts was made of smoked corn mushrooms, which was definitely another new & nice try. Already mouthwatering as i smell of it when it came to the table.


Each donuts was small in size, and surprisingly not oily at all.  The donut itself was strong in mushroom flavor, with a warm and moist filling. Dipped with some savory and spicy house-made cotija-chilli mayo, the two just paired so wonderful.


Room for desserts? Certainly. We start with the Chocolate Aahumado ($16), which is Mexican chocolate ganache with churros, cinnamon and passion fruit milk. They used to serve this in a cup but now changed to this deconstructed version. Quite nice churros, the chocolate ganache was high in flavor and balanced well with passion fruit milk. The entire dish sounds heavy but tastes surprisingly delightful.


Mexican chocolate helados $12/ Papaya Sorbet $12

The chocolate helados were the same as the one in the previous dessert, we ordered this because it was really good. We also tried the papaya sorbet, which is not hard to buy anywhere. It was refreshing but it would be perfect if the honey syrup was lighter.


Tartaletas de Limon ($15) was also a light and lovely dessert. Consists of lime mojito tart, black berry and pecan crumbs, the lime mojito tart was sour and refreshing, the homemade black berry sorbet on the side was so real and good as well.


Made of grilled pineapple and vanilla ice-cream, the signature Mexican dessert Pina a las Brasas ($14) was a really nice try. The grilled pineapple was warm, succulent, naturally-sweet and with a touch of sourness. Accompanied by vanilla ice-cream, it was just so good.


We really enjoyed the food at El Mero Mero, officially becomes my favorite Mexican restaurant in Singapore. There's a wide selection of drinks and dishes on the menu, very traditional Mexican tastes with a modern twist. The ambiance is undoutbly good and is suitable for all purposes - nice garden view and more casual outdoor, elegant and more upscale in door. The staff are warm and efficient and have a good knowledge of the food they are serving. Most importantly, high-quality and orthodox food. Very impressive experience and will definitely back here soon!


El Mero Mero

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-20 Chijmes, Singapore 187996

Tel:+65 6337 1377

Hours:  1200hrs – 1500hrs (Lunch) 1730hrs – 0100hrs (Dinner) Daily

Visited: Feb.03.2015