Singapore | Sushi Ichi 鮨一

Sushi Ichi Singapore is the first oversea sushiya of Ginza Sushi Ichi in Tokyo. Granted by the first Michelin Singapore Guide with one star, Sushi Ichi is currently one of the top-notch Edomae sushiya in Singapore. The restaurant was firstly opened in 2012 by sushi Chef Yuji Yabe and kaiseki ryori chef Hiroki Sodou. After the success of Sushi Ichi Singapore, the restaurant also expanded to Jarkata and Bangkok consequently. In 2015 summer, Sushi Ichi was relocated to its current location in Marriot Hotel last summer.



Stepped into the intimate 14-seater restaurant, the Zen atmosphere and the silky smooth handmade Hinoki wood counter and the warm staffs there makes me feel like in Japan. Behind the counter were Japanese Chef Yuta Katori and Yoshiaki Shuki who had been worked in Sushi Ichi Tokyo for years. At Sushi Ichi Singapore, all the ingredients are imported from Tsukiji market four times a week.


Sushi Ichi opens from Tuesday to Sundays for both lunch and dinner. Six different sets are served during lunch, priced from $100 to $430 Omakase with different amount of dishes and sushi and different quality ingredients. While only three menus are available at dinner time at $220, $300 & $430. I had the omakase menu during lunch time.


The first dish to arrive was a platter of seasonal appetizers, include (from left to right): spinach with ikura, Iwashi and plum sauce (front), edamame and tofu sauce (back), and Japanese peach. The edamame with the creamy tofu sauce was outstanding, it left a mouthfull of aromatic sweetness.

Hirame (Fluke 平目)

Followed by Hirame and Murugai sashimi, served with a pinch of sea salt from Okinawa and Japanese lime ‘sudachi’ on the side.

Mirugai (Geoduck clam 海松貝)
1. Kimedai

At Sushi Ichi, either red or white shari is used depends on the type of fish to match with. There were totally 8 pieces of nigiri sushi throughtout the meal with some Otsumami (appetizer) served in between. Chef told us the toro-aburi (seared tuna belly) was everyone’s favorite, but not for my liking, i had the raw one instead of cooked while my partner had the Aburi.

Chef was preparing tuna for later use
2. Sumi-ika (squid)
3. Akami (tuna)


4. Otoro Aburi (seard fatty tuna)
4. Otoro (fatty tuna)
Hokkaido crab

I am a big fan of Japanese crab who is not difficult to satisfy by a good crab dish in Singapore, but this beautiful Hokkaido crab was unexpected unpleasant. It arrived with a quite fishy smelling and dry looking, the flavor was not too bad but…hard to accept unfresh food at a restaurant with such standard.

Yuba (tofu skin)


Awabi from Chiba ($39.90)

It was abalone season but no abalone dishes was included in our meanu, both of us were quite hungry of abalone thus we ordered it from the a la carte menu (without asking the price). Three slices of abalone from Chiba served with shari and abalone liver sauce was priced at $39.90, quite pricey but satisfied our abalone cravings.

5. Nodoguro (blackthroat)
6. Kohada (gizzard shad, $19.90)

We asked the chef to serve our favorite fish Kohada instead of the orignal fish (i forgot which one), and we were charged again without a notice. The taste was not too bad but not really worth of value.

Grilled Tachio


7. Kuruma Ebi (prawn)


Mini uni and ikura donburi

My favourite item of the meal was the mini donburi made of white shari, topped with a georgous portion of uni and ikura. The uni was incredibly creamy and sweet, equally deliciously ikura brought extra umami to the extraordinary bite. 


White miso soup
Tamago (egg custard)
8. Anago (eel)
Negi-toro temaki

Instead of the regular negitoro sushi, we quested to have a temaki (hand roll) instead. The taste was really awesome but unfortunately pretty poor nori (seaweed) quality due to high humidity in Singapore. It was kind of hard to chew and swallow, what a great waste of the marvellous toro inside.

Dessert: Shizooka melon, Ice cream and Monaka & Okayama muscat

All the nigiri was flawless no matter the shape, temperature, balance, flavors etc or the overall flow of the meal, I quality of the ingredients were considered high in Singapore but not the top in my opinion. Even the standard was much above average, my partner and i found the value was much below Shinji by Kanesaka for the amount of food. But i really liked the quiet ambiance over the famous Shinji.

So far, my top 3 sushiya in Singapore include Shinji, Ichi and Hashida, which all serve quality ingredients from Japan. Shinji wins for the best value but might be the most nosiy sushiya among three, Ichi is the winner in this case. Hashida is kind of in between overall. So it really based on what you are looking for. At least for me, i consider Shinji the most safe choice.

Ginza Sushi Ichi

Address: ingapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865

Hours: 12:00 – 14:30; 18:00 – 23:00, Closed on Mondays