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Cure, stands for hospitality or ‘to take care of’ in Latin, is a young restaurant located on the popular dining hub Keong Saik Road. Helmed by the chef-owner Andrew Walsh, who had spent years working with English chef Tom Aikens, and 3.5 years at Jason Atherton’s Spanish tapas restaurant Esquina as a head chef, now aims to bring the best dining experience to his guests.





Cure is a quite small restaurant which can seats 40 guests, with around 10 tables include a chef’s table in front of the kitchen.

While waiting for my partner, i had a short discussion with chef Andre Walsh at the kitchen, i was pretty surprised he is very easy going from his inside. When i asked whether i can take a picture of him, he made a funny face with the tiramisu in his hands. For the rest part of the meal, i was totally relax – talking to my friend and occasionally take a glimpse at the kitchen, just like eating at home as Walsh said.



Menu is quite simple and affordable, a 2-to-3-course lunch is priced at $38++ and $48++ respectively, as well as a $58++ lunch tasting menu with 5 dishes. Dinner tasting menu is only available on Friday and Saturday, a-la-carte menu is used for the rest of the week. We actually pre-requested dinner tasting menu in advance but were told lunch tasting was not much differences from dinner when we arrived, chef Walsh prepared a lunch tasting menu for us.

Sourdough Bread, served bacon butter pickled cabbages

The sourdough bread arrived in a cute linen bag with hot stones on the bottom to keep it warm. Walsh brought his hometown flavours of Irish pickled cabbage and bacon to serve with the bread, which works well the the sourdough. I expected the sourdough to be soft, airy and slightly chewy in the center but unfortunately it was quite dry.



On the side, a small snack of corn croquette was served, it has a crust outside and smooth center, loved the mouthful burst of sweetness.

Hamachi Ceviche, Carrot Tartar, Ginger Vinegar & Puffed Quinoa

The first course, the Hamachi ceviche was a light and textural dish to open the palate. The fish itself was fresh and balanced well with ginger vinegar, together with carrot and puffed quinoa added a crunchy texture. On the side, the carrot puree was a nice parking but the pickled carrot doesn’t work really well for us.

Pea & Truffle Pasta, Soft Egg, Garlic Milk & Wild Rice 

With a perfectly-poached egg on the top, the pea and truffle pasta was definitely to be loved. Side with a small dish of puffed grains, this was a quite harmony dish of textures and flavours. Each ingredients in the bowl works well after mixing up, the depth of truffle emulsion matches well with the pea consommé  and al dante pasta underneath the incredibly soft egg.



Flame Grilled Mackerel, Whipped Cod Roe, Potato & Cucumber


While the main dishes were below our exception. The mackerel was grilled to its prefecture, while it was overwhelming even with the cucumber on the top.

 The meat course, grilled Iberia pork loin was very succulent and delicious. Garnishing with cauliflower and apple works well to balanced the pork and give more textures, the mussels on the side was awfully sweet but too strong to pair with the pork. Overall both main courses are lack of good balance and finesse.

Grilled Iberico Pork Loin , Smoked Mussels, Cauliflower & Apple 


Chocolate Sorbet, Burnt Orange, Orange Curd & Honeycomb

Dessert was a combination of chocolate sorbet with burnt orange, in some ways the sweetness and bitterness were well-balanced. Honeycomb was slightly over-sweetened  to match the rest part of the bowl. Otherwise could be a lovely one.

Based on the lunch tasting experience at Cure, both my partner and i coincided the food was mostly below our expectations. Although the first part works better than the second part, we didn’t find any dish that really surprised us or impressed us. The service was not too bad but a bit slow during peak hours because there were only two servers during our visit. Although lunch is quite affordable, we both prefer Cheek by Jowl for the food at the similar price-range and settings.


Address: 21 Keong Saik Road, 089128
Hours: Mon-Sat: Dinner from 6:00pm; Wed, Thurs & Fri: Lunch from 12:00pm

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