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I am not a cafe brunch person because most cafe food in Singapore is not worth waking up for, and usually overpriced for its value. Anywhere with AC can be considered ‘cafe’, anywhere severed eggs and toasted can be considered a brunch place. Normally a brunch plate let’s say eggs benedict, which consists only breads and eggs and maybe a bit vegetables, are priced around SG$25. Since i prefer to go restaurants if i eat out, i’d rather to top up a bit more to have a simple 3-course lunch set.

Since a friend is visiting Singapore who have limited time and budget, i decided to take her to a famous cafe near my home – Common Man Coffee Roasters. It located at 22 Martin Road in a residential neighbourhood in River Valley.  Operating 7 days a week with all-day brunch menu, CMCR has become a favourite cafe spot for both locals and travellers since it was opened.



It was a Saturday morning right after the Europe Cup 2016, so the cafe was a bit more busier than before. To avoid the noisy crowd inside the cafe, we decided to sit outside at first, but we moved inside lastly due to the raising temperature and luckily we got a table by the window.

Iced Cold Brewed Coffee
Soy Flat White


Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble (v)

One reason i loved this place was because the brunch items are so vegetarian friendly, more importantly, i never feel painful to eat the vegetarian food here. If you are in a mood of salad-based food, try the Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble which comes with sweet potato leaves, asparagus, sweet pea and broccoli, topped with shaved parmesan, and lemon zest crumbs. The portion was not very filling, in this case, you can order a side of sourdough, avocado, and sausage or bacon if you desire.

Common Man Veggie Wonderland with sunny side up (v)

The Veggie Wonderland is an old love here, as how it is called, it consists of assorted vegetables and of course eggs:  two free-range organic eggs in any style, grilled halloumi cheese, sautéed spinach, grilled tomatoes, grilled portobello mushrooms, avocado with lemon & chilli, with artisanal sourdough or peptic toast. I loved the big juicy grilled portobello mushroom and chewy halloumi cheese.

Common Man Veggie Wonderland (with poached eggs)

My friend had sunny side up which has a bit crunch on the bottom, for me, i picked poached eggs – look at that runny yolk! Although i always prefer hard French breads or sourdough over soft breads, the sourdough here was honestly too hard to cut.









I may not say the brunch food here is that worth of value compare to other countries, but within Singapore, it is possibly one of the top picks. Maybe we should judge that much as long as the food was nice, and a lovely time was spent with people you liked. 😀


Address: 22 Martin Road 01-00, Singapore 239058

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7:30am – 6:00pm (last orders at 5:30pm)


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