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After the latest celebrity chef’s restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, another 3-starred Michelin chef opened his restaurant in Singapore – the Swabian chef Juan Amador, whose restaurant Amador in Mannheim has three Michelin stars, brings his Asian-infused Spanish-European cuisine to Goodwood Park Hotel.


Visited: July.7th.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 1F Goodwood Park Hotel, Scotts Road

Tel: 6735 9937

Hours: Mon-Sat 5.30-10.30pm



The restaurant located just next to the main entrance of Goodwood Park Hotel, if features a outdoor bar area and main dining room in-house. The decor inside was quite casual and wouldn’t make you feel pressure.



The kitchen is currently helmed by Chef Christophe Lerouy, who started working in the kitchen since 17. In 2011 he joined the group of Juan Amador – 3 star michelin in Germany for open a new restaurant Amador in Abu Dhabi and is awarded the best fine dining restaurant and best newcomer restaurant of Abu Dhabi. Before his journey at Alma Singapore, he also worked at San Marco at the Lighthouse, ME@OUE, Saint Pierre in Singapore, and also some famous restaurants in America and Europe.


The menu features both chef’s traditional dishes and refined dishes, which reasonably priced from $15 to $38. While i recommend the ‘Surprise Menu’ which specially prepared by Chef Christophe Lerouy, which is a multi-sensory tasting of various dishes fouceing on the gustatory system, senses and high culinary art. The 4-course Suprise Menu is priced at $68++, and additional $20 for an additional dish,up to 8-course menu ($148++). I had the 6-course Surprice Menu to discovery the chef’s signature dishes.


Kicked off with some quality homemade baguette with extra virgin olive oil. The bread was freshly baked, warm and with a perfect crust and soft, chewy center.



Olive Brioche, Goose Liver, Membrillo ($19)

The first ‘surprise’ was sliced goose liver on a bed of homemade olive brioche, topped with membrillo. The olive bread was fluffy and flavorful, its savory flavor works well with the rich and smooth goose liver – each bite balance very well no matter in texture or flavor. A nice starter.

Yellow Fin Tuna, Shitake, Green Curry ($18)

Next dish was two small cube of lightly seared tuna with a bed of green curry soup – a dish with a stronger Asian twist. The tuna was fresh but a bit bland even under the help of green curry soup. The creamy soup with a hint of coconut was lovely.


The first main of the meal was kingfish, with green apple puree and celery mousse. The fish was nicely grilled, with a slight burnt skin and a juicy, moist center. I especially loved the paired apple puree and the juice which taste very clean, the sour flavor brought a touch of refreshment  While the crushed peanuts and prawn toast added more texture to the dish.



Pigeon, Mango, Coco, Purple Curry ($32)

Pigeon is one of the chef’s signature dish, indeed, it was the most impressive dish of the meal. With a ‘bloody’ presentation, the pigeon was topped with a layer of purple curry and assorted refreshing mango, coconut puree and green leaves on the top. The pigeon was perfectly cooked, the pink inside looks very drooling, and taste exactly as juicy and succulent as it looks. The purple curry was quite unique and paired very well with the pigeon. The dish balanced very well – definitely a must try.



Chocolate, Caramel Foam, Berries

Dessert was chocolate cake with caramel mousse foam, mixed berried and chocolate chips powder. The cake has a strong flavor, the caramel foam was airy but too sweet for my liking.


In general, the food at Alma was good, my favorite dish was no doubt the pigeon, next comes the goose liver toasts. The other dishes were not bad but not really surprised me. One thing i really want to argue about was the portion size. Normally, even a 4 course set lunch (sometimes even 3 course) can totally feed me, but i don’t feel really stuffed after these 5 dishes – the portion was indeed small. Maybe because most of the fine dining (French/Italian) restaurants served Amuse Bouche and Petit Fours and coffee or tea. Although a 5-course dinner priced at $108 was quite reasonable in Singapore, i still feel it was a bit risky for its portion size, even i am a thin lady. I think most of the people, especially gentlemen, have a much bigger stomach than mine. So if you really keen to eat at Alma, i strongly recommend to have the Surprise Menu with 6+ dishes, otherwise you should order some more from a la carte.


Ratings: (0-5 scale)

Food: 3.5

Ambiance: 3.5

Service: 3.5

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  1. Interesting reading, as I happened to know the German restaurant quite well (meanwhile closed; and Amador has abandoned plans of opening a restaurant in Vienna; but another “by Juan Amador Restaurant” in Frankfurt remains to be there).

    Not quite the high level as Amador’s own restaurant it seems, but still good… The pigeon is really fine, wherever to eat it on the globe…

    Is Amador actually known in Singapore?

    1. Hi Kentiong, thanks for your comment. I am currently in China and will head to Japan in September for exchange for half an year. So I won’t post any more Singapore reviews until next May. Next will come up a bit more Shanghai reviews and a lot more Tokyo Michelin restaurants. Wish u can still understand my articles as my English is not very good haha! 🙂 Cheers

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