Shanghai | Mr & Mrs Bund, Bund 18

Mr and Mrs Bund is a modern French restaruant opened by chef Paul Pairet, who is also the owner of the most famous restaurant in town, Ultraviolate. Positioned at No.21 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2015 list, Mr and Mrs Bund endeavors to be Shanghai’s first late night dining restaurant.

Last Visit: May.2nd.2015 (Dinner)
Address: 6/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu  中山东一路18号6楼
Tel: 6323-9898
Hours: Sun-Wed 5:30-10:30pm, Thu-Sat 5:30pm-2am
Favorite Dishes: Black Cod in the bag, Long short rib, Lemon tart
Average Cost:  CNY 1000 (include a bottle of wine)
Recommend? Yes!


Mr & Mrs Bund housed in the vintage Bund 18 building, where some other famous restaurants locates such as Hakkasan, and the upcoming Robuchon.


Mr & Mrs Bund recently finished renovation, the decor is now rather elegant but still lively as before. It has a generous view of the Shanghai skyline.




MMB serves classic French favourites with a modern twist. The menu featured variety dishes among appetizers, salads, pastas, breads, soup, fish & seafood, poultries, foie gras, steaks and desserts.

Homemade tuna mousse with crisps

Our dinner starts with the in-house made tuna mousse with crisps. As a classical MMB amuse bouche, it was no doubt good. The mousse was airy and very high in flavor, perfectly wet the appetite.



Assorted breads

The freshly char-grilled breads are always one of my favorite breads in town. The outerlayer was crispy, the center was soft and fluffy.

Char-grilled eggplant & Sesame paste 碳烤茄子 中东芝麻酱 (CNY 70)

The char-grilled eggplant is an Asian influence appetizer. The eggplant itself was juicy and creamy, served with delight homemade sesame paste, and cumin & coriander to enhance the flavor. Simple but refreshing.

Meuniere Truffle Bread 主厨独创松露原味面包 (CNY 120)

The truffle bread is one of the most popular appetizer on the menu. It was made of toasted bread, light Meuniere and black truffle. The toasted bread was quite different from our expectation, it was soft and moist, with a lovely toasted fragrance. The truffle perfectly lifted the flavor to another level.

Little Caesar ‘Chicken’ 凯撒沙拉配鸡肉 (CNY 95)

The tradtional Caesar salad was rather comfort, guests can choose bacon or chicken for the topping. We picked chicken, which was really juicy and tender. The romaine was fresh, the entire bowl was healthy and delicious after mixed together.

Arugula Mushroom Truffle 芝麻叶菌菇松露色拉 (CNY 100)

The arugula salad with truffle is the hottest salad on the menu. Made of fresh arugula, parmesan cheese,paris mushoom and finish with soy dressing. The addition of black truffle makes a simple salad quite special.

Jumbo shrimp ‘in citrus jar’ 主厨独创“柑橘罐蒸”大虾 (CNY 180)

Move on to the mains. Firstly came chef’s special jumbo shrimp steamed in a jar with citrus, lemongrass and vanilla. The shrimp was really large in size, the fragrance of citrus spread out the table as soon as the server opened the jar.The prawn was very bouncy and tender. I especially enjoyed the citrus fragrance. For people may consider it bland, a small dish of citrus soy was served.

Beef Cheeks’ steak Bordelaise 波尔多汁牛颊肉 (CNY 170)

The traditional roasted beef cheeks was surprisingly succulent. It was perfectly braised with Bordelaise Laque and tendon, it was flavorful, and so tender that we can even finished the entire steak with a fork only. The You Tiao croutons and mashed potato brought different textures to the dish.

Black cod in the bag 主厨独创”袋蒸黑鳕鱼“ (RMB 260)

This is no doubt my all-time favorite dish at MMB. I ordered it everytime i eat at MMB since its appearance of the menu years ago. The black cod fish was simmered in a heat proof bag with Cantonese sauce, which wonderfully keeps the original flavor of the fish as well as other ingredients.



Long short rib teriyaki 主厨独创酱烧牛场小肋排 (CNY 420)

The short rib was really ‘long’ and large in size, the edible part was even over 500 grams. Compare to the previous beef cheek, this one has a better smell, a hint of burnt but lovely teriyaki flavor.


The meat was wonderfully grilled, we enjoyed the crispy outerlayer, as well as the succulent interior. It was pretty flavorful and delicious. We were quite impressive with the signature ‘long’ short rib, no doubt the best beef dish in Shanghai recently.

Black cod essention soy 原味酱油汁黑鳕鱼(CNY 260)

The black cod with soy sauce was similar to the ‘Black cod in the bag’. It was large but succulent, there’s nothing ‘wow’ about this dish as we have already had the cod in the bag. But it was a nice combination of western & eastern ways of cooking.

Side: Sauteed mushroom & sauteed spinach

The rhum baba is a new dessert on the menu after renocation. It was but into two halves, infused with some rhum and finally topped with freshly whipped vanilla cream by our table.

Baba au rhum 朗姆酒芭芭

It was quite strong in rhum flavor, the vanilla cream was smooth and delight. The sponge cake itself was warm, soft and fluffy. I thought it would be too sweet for my liking before i really ate it, but it was actually the least sweetened dessert we tried of the night. I enjoyed the rhum baba pretty much becuase i love rhum, but my partners found the rhum was too strong.

Lemon & Lemon Tart 主厨独创”香浓柠檬塔“ (CNY 100)

The ever-popular lemon tart is no doubt a MUST. Made of a candied whole lemon, which was sour and sweet. The lemon skin was thin and tastes like jelly. Inside was lemon sorbet & curd and vanilla chantilly. The entire combination was pretty refreshing. The most impressive part was definitely the candied whole lemon skin.



Mango liquorice sable 芒果甘草脆饼 (CNY 80)

The mago sable is another hot pick dessert. Made of mangom passion, liquoeice & dill and sable, it looks really appetizing. The mango was juicy and incredibly sweet,it was actually the sweetest dessert among the four we had.

strawberry chantilly 草莓香草邑 (CNY80)

Consists of fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet and vanilla chantilly, the last dessert we had of the night was pretty refreshing. The vanilla chantilly was pretty airy and delight, it paired well with the fresh berries.


Although tons of new western restaurants opened in Shanghai in recently years, include a lot of opened by famous chefs around the world, Mr & Mrs Bund is still one of my favorite (French) restaurant in town.  The food was consistently good over the years, i loved the signature dishes as well as chef’s new creations. There are variety of dishes on the menu and i’m sure there’s something for you, no matter you are a meat-lover, vegetarian or pescetarian. Every single dish was nicely portioned and priced.


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