Tokyo | Sense センス @ Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Although i am not a big fan of Chinese food, i was really curisous about the Chinese food in Japan. As a Michelin-addict, of course i would pick a starred restaurant for my virgin Chinese experience in Japan. Sense is a Cantonese restaurant in MO Tokyo, which gets quite high ranking among all the Chinese restaruants in the city. It situated on the 37th floor with exceptional views of eastern Tokyo.


Visited: Oct.06. 2015 (Lunch)

Address: 37F, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8328, Japan

Hours:11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-10pm (Weekend dim sum lunch 11am – 3pm)

Damage: Weekday lunch JPY 3,800~15,800 / Dinner 14,000~38,000 / Weekend lunch 5,800~15,800

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上素錦繡碟 | Marinated Seasonal Vegetables | 季節野菜のマリネとピクルス


是日精選三寶蒸餃子 | Three Kinds of Steamed Dumplings | センス點心師手作り お薦め蒸し餃子三種

Dim sum is always the part i enjoyed the most when i eat Cantonese food. The steam dumpling platter changes daily, the one i had includes:干貝帶子餃 Steamed Scallop Dumpling, 黒松露野菌餃 Steamed Truffle and Mushroom Dumpling and 時令上素餃 Steamed Seasonal Vegetable Dumpling. The crystal skin passed the test, the scallop dumpling was my favorite among the three, very tender and umami.


主廚推介四喜碟 | Four Varieties of Dim Sum | シェフセレクト 四種類の点心

The dimsum platter consists of: 海鮮炸春捲 Spring-rolls with Three Kinds of Seafood, 叉燒包 Steamed Barbecued Platinum Chicken Bun, 麺包絲蟹拑 Deep Fried Crab Claw and 海老蒸滑腸粉 Steamed Rice Rolls with Prawns.

麺包絲蟹拑 Deep Fried Crab Claw 蟹爪の揚げもの

The two deep fried items impressed me a lot, especially the crab claw. The thin flour strings reminds me of the traditional Chinese candy ‘dragon beard’, every single beard was very thin and crispy, not oily at all. Inside was a holly juicy crab claw, what a lovely textural and flavorful combination! The spring roll has pretty crispy skin as well. The chicken bun was so so, and the cheung fun was a bit too thick for my liking.



廣東海鮮煲粥 | Congee with Seafood | 海鮮入り広東風お粥 付け合せと共に

For the main dish, rice and noodles are not my kind of dishes when i eat Chinese food. While i would never say ‘no’ to congee, which i considered something healing and comfortable. The congee was quite satisfying, paired with deep-fried bread dough (油條), roasted peanuts (花生米), fresh lettuce (生菜絲) and scallions (香蔥) to enhance its flavor.

東方冰糖水杏仁荳腐 | Almond Jelly | シンプル杏仁豆腐

Dessert was almond jelly, moderate sweetness and lovely almond milk flavor. Perfect to cleanse the palate.

羊城美精甜品 | Chinese Petits-Fours | 中国小菓子

The food at Sense is very traditional Cantonese style, in general very good quality while didn’t really surprised me, Lunch is pretty worth of value, for both the food and view, and i am not surprised that the restarant was fully-occupied during weekday lunch. While i am still very curious about Chinese with a Japanese twist rather than this kind of tranditional type 🙂

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