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After 5 years since i graduated from high school in Connecticut, i finally made a trip back to the states. Of course, a food trip. As i only have a two-week break, i only made the trip to the west coast, namely San Francisco and Los Angeles. When i was in LA before transferring to the east coast, i rarely eat out and i have only been to one Michelin restaurant in LA at that time. While this time, i am really packed everyday.

Right after i landed in SF, i squeeze into a new one-starred New American restaurant called The Progress. The restaurant has no sign board, located on Fillmore Street, right next to its famous sister restaurant State Bird.


Visited: Feb.22.2016 (Dinner)

Address: The Progress 1525 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Hours: 17:30~ daily,

Average Cost: $100 USD per head



At the State Bird, all the dishes come in a trolley and you can pick the dishes you like – similar to the traditonal Cantonese dim sum places. While at The Progress, all the dishes comes in a family style to be shared. When we visited there, we were told to pick 4 dishes from the menu to share, priced at $58++ USD per head, and the portion size is depend on the party size. Desserts are available at $10 each. There are alway serveral daily special dishes that you can order seperately.





Complimentary snacks


The meal starts with six complimentary snacks, include (from left top to right bottom): deep-fried pickled onion, avocado with meyer lemon, fish fry with kimchi tartar sauce, crispy pig ear with fiscalini cheddar, tofu with creamy fermented pumpkin, medjool dates with hazelnut creama.

Uni Guacamole with Tomato Vinaigrette & Rice Crackers ($12)

As a uni lover, there won’t be any chance for me to miss out anything uni-ed. I would say this dish was very well done, very textural and flavorful. Three of us shared one order of this daily special and we added one more order, what else should i say?

Californian Sturgeon Caviar, Potato Cloud ($10)

While the second dish was not that good as we expected, we were quite disappointing when we saw a small foamy dish came to the table – it was tiny. We couln’t find the caviar until the third scoope into the center. The flavor of potato foam was not too bad but i can hardly taste the caviar.

Chioggia Beet Salad, quinoa tabbouleh & yuzu vinaigrette


Sunchoke Roti, pleasant ridge reserve, ranch & grating of black truffle

The manager highly recommended the roti as the most popular dish at The Progress. The dish came with a mild black truffle flavor which makes my mouth watering. The roti was wonderful, great with ranch sauce but we felt it was a bit heavy if you eat too much of it. Overall a very nice dish to try out.

Grilled Spanish Octopus, harissa hummus, shaved winter radishes & toasted black rice

We shared three main dishes which were all very delicious. The octopus was nicely grilled, crisy and a bit chewy. Beef was very succulent and we really enjoyed the Asian twist of black sesame salt on it. The cod was the weakest among all three mains, but the texture was perfect.

BN Ranch Beef, kosho butter basted squash & brussels sprouts


Northern California Black Cod, charred cabbage, pistachio ‘crema’ & green olive-blood orange relish


Dessert: Pistachio Stack Cake, mascapone cream, cocoa noyaux syrup and oxheart plum ($10)

We were pretty stuffed but girls always have a second stomach for desserts. There were only three desserts on the menu and we chose the pistachio cake to satisfy our sweet cravying. It was similar to pancakes but firmer than pancakes, the cocoa syrup was strong but pistachio flavor was subtle, thus we didn’t really like this one. What surprised us was, it was less sweet than most American desserts 🙂 (Positive view)


It was a good beginning of my food trip to the west coast. My favorite dish of the meal was no doubt the Uni, second comes roti. Although there’s no highlight among all the dishes we tried, the consistency was good, and in generall the food was delicious. The price is really pocket-friendly and worth of value; warm and homey environment that is suitable for both casual and special occasions.

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