Shanghai | Mr & Mrs Bund (Weekend Brunch)

The award-wining Mr & Mrs Bund (we usually called it MMB) is one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai. Opened by the genius chef Paul Pairet, who also owns the mysteries Ultraviolet. MMB located in the heritage Bund 18 building, the saucy green and red color is a classical match here. I have been to MMB several times and it is always one of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai. After its renovation early last year, MMB opened for weekend brunch. Besides the regular menu, a brunch menu with new egg dishes is also available.


Visited: March.2016 (Weekend brunch) | Dinner experience 2015

Address: 6F, Bund 18, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu Road, Huangpu, Shanghai, China  (Check the map at the end of this post)

Hours: Daily dinner 5:30-10:30 , Bar 11:00 – 2am; Weekend brunch 11:30-2pm





Rather than the cute and relax decor of a red-and-green tone, the new MMB is more elegant and formal than before. Blue armchairs, grey table cloths, red high chairs at the larger tables, fancy and relax. Although it is a fine dining restaurant on the bund, you don’t necessarily need to dress up formal, just be yourself and you will find all the servers wear causual uniforms.






The meal at MMB always start with assorted hearty breads. Both breads have a crispy golden crust and a soft inside. Arguably my favorite pre-meal breads in town.



Before starting the meal, we were served a small amuse of fresh radish with homemade aioli and pepper salt.

Egg, caviar & dill (RMB 125)

Eggs are essential for a wonderul brunch. The brunch menu at MMB features several egg dishes, two of us tried two most poplar egg dishes from the menu.

The first egg dish was a perfectly poached egg covered with a layer of creme fraiche, topped with a scope of caviar and drizzle of dill oil. Such an indulgence when the runny egg yolk mixed with the creme franchie, creamy and delicious.

Arugula mushroom truffle 芝麻叶菌菇松露色拉 (RMB 110)

A popular leafy green dish to the table, the arugula salad was nicely mixed with Paris mushrroms, parmesan and soy sauce, which combines French flavors with an Asian twist. The argula doesn’t taste that bitter under the help of the garnishments, however, the entire dish was quite salty for my liking, which is honestly a common probably for some dishes at MMB.

Egg, mushrooms & duck confit (RMB75)

Another egg dish we enjoyed was poached egg with duck confit, mushrooms fricassée, garlic-parsley, and herbs. The duck confit was succulent and flavorful, i really loved the slightly griiled poached egg which goes well with the duck confit.



Black cod in the bag 主厨独创“袋蒸黑鳕鱼” (RMB 280)

If i am asked to pick only one dish from the menu, here’s my answer – black cod in the bag. The Chilean black cod was simmered in heat proof bag with Cantonese sauce, which keeps its tenderness and umami flavors at the best. This dish is served served with jasamine rice.




The server cuts the bag with a scissor by our table and put the cod into on the rice, pour the delicious broth onto the whole dish. It was a quite large cod fillet and dthe flavor goes into the fish pretty well. My only complain here was the small rice portion to the ratio of the savory sauce, i recommend you to request for more rice cuz the broth is also a bit too salty. Overall i still loved this Asian infuded creative dish.



Spinach garlic Asiate, sesame oil and soy 蒜香亚洲风味菠菜 (RMB 70)


Lemon & lemon tart 主厨独创“香浓柠檬塔” (RMB 110)

A meal at MMB is incomplete without chef’s signature lemon tart. By using a candied whole lemon packed with vanilla cream, ice cream and fresh citrus, this lemon tart has a very good balanced sweet and sour flavors. The homemade buttery cookie on the top as a ‘tart base’ also matches well with the tart.



Real French toast  法式吐司 (RMB 80)

I really recommend the ‘Real French toast’ which we considered the best french toast we have had in Shanghai so far. The caramelized pain perdu has a loverly crunch on the outside, with an ultra moist and eggy texture inside, served with vanilla ice cream on the top, every bite is simply worth the calories.



Strawberry & vanilla triffle 千层草莓雪糕 (RMB 80) [seasonal]
Lastly, a seasonal dessert that subject to availbility was brought to our table – strawberries, light vanilla chatilly, strawberry coulis & foam and vanilla ice cream. Great textures but the strawberry coulis was oversweetened for my liking.


Wrapped up with a cup of coffee – too avarage.


Overall, the egg dishes on the brunch menu were quite nice that i really recommend (at least for the two we tried). While you have to be care of other dishes because it is possibly too salty but quite common because its Chef PP’s unique, unchangeable style. You can see my previous post at MMB for more dishes from the grand menu [click here]. It was a quick sweet-overload day but as i said, the lemon tart and french toast are really worth the calories.




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