Shanghai | Pure & Whole 素宿

Pure & Whole is a western-style vegetarian restaurant with multiple outlets in the Shanghai, serving nutritious healthy food and drinks. The menu covers a variety of unique salads, wraps, veg burgers, and pasta as well as smoothies and cleansing drinks. I always back here for their falafel and hummus. It is one of my to-go place for a light meal.


Last Visit: July.22.2015 (Lunch)

Address: Shop 104 (next to Starbucks), 1376 West Nanjing Road, Jin An District, Shanghai


Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm  



One thing i really love about this place is, the nutriton facts is shown under the description of each dish. Thus you will know what you really put into my body. Besides that, you can order small portion or large portion depends on the party size.


The detox drink is made of fresh aloe vera leaf, lemon juice, ginger, mint and bubbly water, with a teaspoon of honey. Sounds healthy but not very good in taste compare to smoothie or green drinks at other places. It was more on the water side.

Nutrition Facts: 80 Kcal, Fat 0g, Carb 21g, Fiber 1g, Sugar 14g, Protein 1g


It is back, now new, improved and totally vegan. Made with lettuce, celery, chick pea, almond, olive, onion, brocolli and sprouts, topped with avocado. Dressed with a delicious blend mirin, cashew, cumin and miso.The dressing were made in-house, but too salty for my liking. But it was mainly made of lettuce which i found a bit over-priced, as you can get an entire bowl of greens as you like at other salad bars.

Nutrition Facts: 250 Kcal, Fat 13g, Carb 27g, Fibre 10g, Sugar 6g, Protein 1g


In this duet of who's rawer and more vibrant, kale is starring next to a Chinese top secret leaf. In the audience there are raw cashews, tamari sauce, cilantro, heaps of garlic, orange zest and uber fresh mini cucumber. This dish is Pure & Whole's signature title.

Nutrition Facts: 260 kcal, Fat 18g, Carb 20g, Fiber 3g, Sugar 4g, Protein 10g


The portion of 'small' size is actually quite small, i dine alone this time and even two orders of small salads not really filled me up. Although i loved their hummus and falafel, as well as some other homemade sauces/dippings such as tahini, i still think the food is a bit picey compre to other salad places.