Shanghai | M on the Bund 米氏西餐厅

M on the Bund opend in 1999 is one of the olddest Western restaurants on the bund. Housed in the historic Nissin Shipping Building built in 1920, M on the Bund aimed to bring the diners an exciting and sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant was opened by the Australian restaurateur Michelle Garnaut, today, the restaurant serves wide range of flavors from Europe to the Middle East, but remain grounded in classical European techniques. Important Notice (updated Nov.26.2015) : I haven't login into my Dazhong Dianping (大众点评), a Chinese food review platform for a long while, and i was surprised to see that the staff from M on the Bund replied under my review with some seriously offensive words.  [ Link to see the screenshot of their comments]. I was really astonished that a restaurant defined themself as a 'fine dining' restaurant on the bund, would have such great services. Never go back, and please, never go to this restaurant.


Visited: August.13. 2015 (Lunch)

Address: Five on the Bund, 7/F, 20 Guangdong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu 广东路20号, 外滩五号7楼, 近中山东一路  

Hours: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6:15-10:30pm daily,  Sunday Afternoon Tea 3:30-5:30pm



M on the Bund serves affordable lunch sets everyday,  you may choose any 2 courses from the lunch menu (CNY 188), comes with tea/coffe and petit fours. Otherwise, you may do a la carte from the lunch menu, the appetizers and desserts are priced at CNY 68, mains at CNY 128. (10% service charge applies) If you are looking for somthing light and healthy, pick the 'Light and Healthy Menu' (CNY 128) which includes a cup of fresh juice, clear soup, low-fat protien dish, a refreshing dessert and Camomile tea.DSC04707


The lunch starts with a basket of bread, served with butter, oilive oil, olive paste and sea salt. The breads were quite average - both the olive bread and rye bread were quite dry and not soft enough.


Braised yellowfin tuna was a very refreshing cold appetizer to akawen the taste buds. The tuna was lightly seared, it was succulent and moderate in oil contents. I picked hot appeetizer, steamed razor clams and surf clams, which was umami and nicely flavored. While the razor clams were a bit overcooked for my liking.




The mains came in quite large portion compare to most other fine dining restaurants. The Mongolian lamb rack was succulent and flavorful, however it was not lean enough and a bit smelling. The charred broccolini underneath brought a green twist to the dish, the honey and herbs paired with lemon which balanced well the lamb rack.


The roasted Icelandic halibut was really large in size, i doubt whether it would be flavorful and sadly, it was very bland. On the other side, its perfect moist flesh with abundant collagen was nearly perfect for my liking, it was pretty juicy, probably the best flesh in texture i recently had in Shanghai. The salad on the side was refreshing and balanced well. As the fish was too bland, the entire dish was quite average in general.


The Pavlova is no doubt the most famous item at M on the Bund. The 'floating cake' part was airy but a little bit oversweetened, the meringue base was even sweeter. The top part with fresh sliced fruits and cream were pretty well done, and the passion fruit sauce brought a refreshing touch of sourness. In general, we considered it overrated.



Petit fours consists of fruit jelly and cookie, which were both quite averge, we coundn't tell the flavor of the jelly at all, and the cookie was too hard. But anyway it is a very lovely spread.





The food at M on the Bund was not too bad but neither impressive. The service was above average, nice view while the interior decor was a bit old compare to other restaurants on the bund. Consider its affordable lunch price, i considered it was a nice try.