Shanghai | Hunter Gatherer 悦衡食集

As eating healthy is becoming much more popular these days, there are more cafes/restaurants opening up in Shanghai. Hunter Gatherer(悦衡食集) is one of the latest healthy dining concept recently, which combines a restaurant and grocery store that sells a wide range of artisanal products produced from the brand's own organic farm. In the cafe, you can build your own meal with their ryour choice of meat, fish, vegetables, rice and noodles, salads and stir-fried dishes. 随着人们对健康饮食的关注,一家又一家的轻食店在上海开业了,悦衡食集便是其一。悦衡食集绿意盎然的安福路上,面包店Sunflower的隔壁。店内结合了零售区,专卖有机健康食品;餐饮区提供健康的轻食,原料出自自产的有机农场。


Last Vist: August.15. 2015

Address: 308 Anfu Road, Shanghai, China 上海市安福路308号















Hunter Gatherer serves salads, soups, wraps and healthy drinks by using the organic produce from their farm. You can “Build Your Own Bowl” (CNY 62) from the deli counter, each order includes 1 base + 1 protein + 2 vegetable toppings + 1 garnish. There are also 4 a la carte side dishes availble, such as pasta and kale salad, priced at CNY 20 each. Or you can complete your meal with a soup at additional CNY 25.

餐厅内主打各种wrap、三明治、还有沙拉拼盘。除此之外还提供各种果蔬汁和奶昔。我来了很多次都是选择了沙拉拼盘“Build Your Own Bowl” (62元),包括了一款主食、1款蛋白质、2款蔬菜和一款调味料。如果觉得不够的话还可以单点橱窗内的任何产品,20元一份;或者25元加一份汤。


Base includes Umami lentils with shitake mushrooms 鲜菇绿豆, five-grain rice with goji berry 五谷枸杞杂粮饭, lemon & herb purple rice 香草柠檬紫米饭, chilled rice noodles 凉拌米条 , mixed spring greens 春季混合鲜蔬. The most popular one is five-grain rice with goji berry 五谷枸杞杂粮饭. I feel like to eat clean that day thus ordered the mixed green base, and i requested for half scope of five-grian rice for a try.


Protein includes braised bulgogi tofu 秘制炖豆腐 , roasted piri piri chicken 霹雳烤鸡 , Icelandic cod with garlic sprout black peppered sauce 冰岛鳕鱼佐蒜苔黑胡椒酱(+16 rmb) and citrus braised pork 橙香慢炖猪肉.






There are 8 kinds of vegetables to choose from, the vegetables of the day consists of broccoli pupkin pancake 西兰花南瓜煎饼, roasted squash in romesco sauce 番茄坚果红椒酱烤西葫, roasted tomato & fennel 香烤茴香小番茄, and grilled peach & arugula with pickled beets 香烤蜜桃芝麻菜佐腌甜菜头  . I have heard a lot good stories about the broccoli pupkin pancake, each order consits of 2 pieces of pancakes, and i also had the squash and tomato (because i skipped protein)


More greens on the side: kale & citrus with strwberry vinaigrette 羽衣甘蓝柑橘佐草莓果醋酱, rocket & beetroot salad 火箭菜配甜菜根, smoked salmon pesto pasta 烟熏三文鱼罗勒青酱意面, and bacon miso potatoes with arugula 味噌培根土豆佐芝麻菜. Garnish includes pumokin & sunflower seeds, nori flakes, fresh herbs and garlic chips. (烤南瓜葵花籽 , 海苔碎, 新鲜香草, 烤大蒜片)




Hunter Gatherer also provides a lot of healthy smoothies, cold drinks and hot drinks. 'Green Monster' is my kind of drink - made of blanched morning glory, spinach, pineapple, coconut water, chia seeds. It is very refreshing, delicious and healthy.




It was a plate of organic real food. The roasted tomato was sweet and a bit sour. The green salad base was crunchy and the leaves were sweet by itself. Five-grain was good but not surprsingly 'wow', but i really loved its al dante texture. Broccoli pancake is the best seller here, made of mixed mashed brocolli onions and seared with olive oil - very delicious and healthy choice.




In case the salad plate doesn't fill you up, you can order sides (a la carte) salads priced at 20 CNY each, a bit pricier than Sproutworks but definitely lighter and healthier. The salads selection changes on a daily base, such as the sesaonal peach & rocket salad and kale & citrus salad.




The whole-sale corner sells organic vegetables from their farm, as well as some bakery goods, nuts and grains. You can even make your own peanut and almond butter from the machine on the left corner on the picture.


Hunter Gatherer has become my favorite salad spot in Shanghai, replaced the position of Sproutworks. In comparison, Sproutworks offers more variety of salads, but in general more oil, heavier dressings, and the service is horrible. Although Hunter Gathers offers less salad selection,I still prefer it for their organic produce, lighter dressings and better services.