Coquille Seafood Bistro

Derive from  "shell" in French, Coquille is a small and cozy French bistro specializes in seafood. The restaurant located on Mengzi Road, next to its sister restaurant Scarpetta - one of my favorite Italian spot in Shanghai. From the team behind Scarpetta, Coquille serves classical French food and seafood with flavors of southern France by using the freshnest seasonal ingredients. Coquille gained tons of loyal followers since it opend in early 2014.


This was my second visit at Coquille after a very impressive first visit last year. I read a lot reviews before i made a deciison for a revsist, and i found a lot good things happened in this year. The dish i'm quite craving for was 'Beef Willington', whcih is only availble on Wednesdays and limited to 20 portions only.


I made a reservation a week in advance and pre-ordered this drooling dish. As we are a small party size of two (he is a guy), i asked the reception whether the portion is ideal for us because we also want to try some other dishes, she said its okay for either one person, two or more people for sharing. But before we place the order when we were exact there, the server informed us that the Beef Wellington is ideal for 3-4 people for sharing. Sadly only 20 portions were served every Wednesday, it was pre-cooked and back to oven before it served, we were informed that all 20 servings were ordered and unfortunately we cannot cancel it. It seems we have to 'pig out' later.


We began with assorted homemade breads serves with butter. We were quite impressive with the oilve bread (back), the center is more airy compare to the rye and white bread.


We selected two different wines to pair with our seafood feast. The white wine Cotes Du Ehone and Care Noire with a rose twist.

Selections of Oysters

Selections of Oysters

Coquille offers wide range of killer fresh oysters. The selection rotates on a daily base which emphazied on the quality. We selected four different kinds of oysters: from New Zealand, South Africa and two kinds from France. Enjoy them freshly with a few drops of lemon, or mix up vinegrette and thai spciy sauce. All four kinds of oysters we tried were plum and creamy, and incredibly smooth. Both of us loved the South African one the most, it was much richer and nuttier.  While compare to those we had oversea, there were too much sea water inside which makes the overall taste a bit salty. (As prices vary for different oysters, we had 4 different types, 2 each, total damage = 337 CNY)

Endive & Mixed Green Salad 菊苣素菜色拉 (78 RMB)
Endive & Mixed Green Salad 菊苣素菜色拉 (78 RMB)

Before starting the real feast, we had the Endive & Mixed Green Salad to tame our hunger without running our appetite for the coming dishes. The leaves were fresh, mixed with blue cheese, caramelised walnut and champagne sauce.

Escargots 香茅姜汁蜗牛 (88 RMB)

Escargots 香茅姜汁蜗牛 (88 RMB)

Escargots is a very classical and essential French dish that we love. Compare to the traditional baked escargots, this dish has an Asian twist by using red curry and lemongrass-ginger butter, and seasoned with kaffir lime and cilantro for a balance. It smells really good when it came to the table, it tastes even better than it smells and looks. The escargots were super tender and flavorful, i was very impressive with the a hint of spicy from the red curry. The sauce was another part you shouldn't miss, it was very umami that we kept dipped the bread into.

Baby Squid & Prawn Cocktail 小鱿鱼和大虾 (118 CNY)

Baby Squid & Prawn Cocktail 小鱿鱼和大虾 (118 CNY)

Following by a beautifully-presented Baby Squid & Prawn Cocktail. The dish was made up of 3 large prawns on a bed of fine-chopped avocado, cucumber and smoked tomato chili sauce. The prawns were tender and moist, the smoked tomato chili sauce works very well that makes the entire dish very flavorful.


Here comes the main character of the night —— Beef Wellington. It came in a large bread-shape, about four fist's size. It dark brown roasted pastry looks and smells seriously good! Then the server take it back to the kitchen and slice it for us.

Beef Wellington 威灵顿牛排 (638 RMB)

Beef Wellington 威灵顿牛排 (638 RMB)

Inside the super flaky pastry was a layer of ham, filled with mashed black truffle & mushroom, Australia tenderloin and foie gras in the center —— isn't it sounds dreamy?

The Australian tenderloin was quite rare, very juicy and flavorful by itself. The mashed truffle and mushroom as well as the ham has a deep flavor and paired very well with the beef; the fragrant foie gras was rich and creamy,  quite high in flavor; the pastry out-layer was pretty well-done as well, buttery and flaky. In general, every bite was really flavorful and enjoyable.


Beef Wellington came with sides of mashed potato, grilled asparagus and sauce. I forget what the sauce was, as both of us preferred to have it without saucing. The mashed potato was very smooth and creamy, and the asparagus brought a nice balance to the dish.

Two of us finished the entire plate of beef wellington, as well as all the dishes we ordered. We were seriously stuffed, but a meal is incomplete without desserts. The server recommended the most popular dessert, White Chocolate and Raspberry Creme Brulee (68 RMB) and Tarte au Citron (68 RMB) which is lemon tart, but we take a 'risk' and shared the Espresso Ice Cream Profiteroles (Dulce de Lenche, roasted almonds, chocolate ganache) (58 RMB)  instead. It was quite satisfying. The pastry was very well-done, espresso ice cream was aromatic and delicious. I thought it would be a bit heavy but it was unexpectly lovely.


It was another beautiful dinner experience at Coquille Seafood Bistro, each dish was very delicious as we expected. The seafood were pretty fresh, kept and cooked very well. If you ask me for my favorite dish of the night, i would say go for all of them, i am sure you'll feel in love with this place as well as me. The service was super good, even better than most of the fine dining restaurants in Shanghai/China. Very classical French homey ambiance and quality of the food that worth come back for. 

Visited: August.26.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 29 Mengzi Lu, near Xujiahui Lu 蒙自路29号, 近徐家汇路

Hours: 5:30–10pm, Closed on Mondays

My Recommend: Beef Wellington, Escargots, Oysters

I paid: 1600 CNY for two