Shanghai | Chi-Q by Jean Georges

CHI-Q is the latest dining concept developed by Three on the Bund and award-wining Chef Jean-Georges and Chef Marja Vongerichten, which combines the traditional Korean cuisine with a new international dimension. “Chi” which is short for kimchi and “Q” representing the classic barbeque cooking style.


Chi-Q 是米其林主廚Jean-Georges和外灘三號合作的最新餐飲概念,結合了傳統韓國和現代風的料理。餐廳的名字中Chi代表了泡菜,Q代表了韓國燒烤BBQ。


Visited:May.26.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 2/F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, Huangpu, Shanghai 上海市黄浦区中山东一路3号2楼

Tel: 6321-6622

Hours:6:00pm-10:30pm Daily


The decor of the restaurant is very modern, with all wooden,gold and black elements which provides the guests an architectural experience to complement the unique gastronomic experience. Cladded in charcoal wood slats and concrete floors, the entrance of the restaurant is reminiscent of the discrete and private entrances found in traditional Korean houses. The long bar at the entrance serves a wide variety of drinks, where the guests can enjoy a drink before or after the meal.


餐廳的裝潢非常現代化,設計師創造了壹個抽象的景觀和室內空間,在用餐的同時,為客人提供壹個獨特的建築之旅。以層層木炭包覆的金屬片與水泥石地點綴的餐廳接待處,讓人聯想起傳統韓式房屋的隱秘門廳。跨過餐廳的木制大門進入主餐區前, 賓客將被帶領至長廊酒吧, 在此放松心情小酌壹番。


We were firstly served with the trational Korean Bachan - a vast variety of homemade kimchis, seaweeds and pickled veggies. The kimchis were very good, similar to those i had in Korea.



Kingfish sashimi is a signature appetizer at all JG's restaurants, i had this at Mercato before and was quite impressive. After mixing everything together, i found the soy sauce a bit too salty. While the texture of the fresh sashimi and creamy avocado was great.



Mandoo is a Korean style pan-fried dumplings, i had a lot Mandoo before but with foie gras and kimchi? It was also my first time to have this combination. The foie gras was nicely pan-seared inside the thin dumpling wrap, the rich oil oozed onto my tougue with a spicy twist from the kimchi, the two balanced well and didn't cover the flavor of each other. The combination was so flavor so good.



The crabmeat was very sweet and juicy, paired with the creamy avocado and seaweed, the entire dish was very enjoyable.



The salad was a really large in size, with generous portion of mixed greens and kale, baby radish and refreshing lemon-shallot dressing.



Barbeque is something you must order at Chi-Q. The black pork belly is one of the most popular barbeque dishes. We also ordered the M+7 marinated kalbi and Canadian scallops.




You can picker either barbeque by yourself or by the server, we did it by ourselves which is more fun. Both the pork and beef we tried were pretty high in quality, very tender and juicy. The scallops were large and tender as well. We also ordered the seasonal vegetable for a balancing diet, it consists of vegetables that are quite high in nutrients such as asparagus, mushroom and kale.




The barbeque items come with complimentary steamed white rice and green leaves, and three assorted condiments to serve with the meat. The recommended way to have the barbequed meat is wrapping the rice and meat with a green leaf as shows following pictures:




Bibimbap is probably the most typical Korean dish, the quality of bibimbap simply showcases whether that restaurant can passes the test. Chi-Q no doubt passed the test - the quality of the rice, the portion and quality of the vegetables and sesame oil used, the degree of the pot. The most special part of this dish is the seared foie gras on the top, it was large in size and nicely seared. After mixed everything up, the oils and fragrance from the foie gras evenly spread onto every single grains, not oily at all. The taste was quite special and delicious. If you don't like foie gras, you can otherwise pick wagyu beef with egg, or with fish sashimi as a topping.



We were pretty stuffed by this point, but how can a meal completed without dessert? The strawberry mochi sundae is one of the top picks on the dessert menu. The sorbet and ice cream were a bit sweet for my liking,the mochi was quite chewy but overall, nothing very special.



In general, Chi-Q is a nice place to go if you are tired of traditional Korean food. The quality of the food is no doubt good, i loved the concept of combining traditional Korean food with a western twist. The ambiance is much higher-end and elegant than normal Korean restaurant, but relaxing and homme compare to most other JG's restaurants. The service at Chi-Q was excellent, the servers expain the menu as well as the food very well, and works very efficiently. Return is a sure thing when i crave for high-quality Korean food.