[Macau] The Eight 8餐廳 @ Grand Lisboa Hotel 新葡京酒店

Adapted by Asia’s famed senior chef Au Kwok Keung, the Eight at the Grand Lisboa Hotel specializes in contemporary Cantoneseand Huaiyang (淮揚)  cuisine that combines creativity with taste. It is the second 3 Michelin starred Chinese restaurants in the world.


Address: Grand Lisboa, 2nd fl, Avenida e Lisboa | Macau Peninsula, Macau, China

Hours: Mon-Sat:11:30-14:30,18:30-22:30 Sun:10:00-15:00, 18:30-22:30


Visited: Jan.01.2015



The Eight was opened in 2007, is on the second floor of the Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau. Eight is a lucky number for Chinese speakers. Indeed, we felt so lucky to be here.


The first impression was great – entering through a corridor where clever lighting creates an illusion of wading through water as we walk down. A delightfully lavish interior with Chinese traditional red for background then appears in front of us.The dining room itself is large and opulent, with marble floor and tables with mother of pearl inlay. No fewer than 164 diners can be accommodated, with half a dozen private rooms in addition to the main dining room.


There is a huge goldfish decoration motif on the wall, cannot imagine that they were all real embroideries.


Besides a la carte, the lunch time menu features over 50 kinds of dim sum.


Amuse bouche: Minced beef with Chinese celery, Abalone with pomelo jelly

Abalone and pomelo jelly was very tender, with a touch of sourness from the delicate pomelo. The later one was high in flavor, and a very crispy pastry base.


Steamed Roasted Duck Dumplings with Baby Ginger and Pineapple 紫羅火鴨孔雀餃 ($45)

Three triangular pyramid with extremely thin skin, you can even see the ‘colorful’ ingredients inside from the crystal skin. The taste was even much better than its looking. The flavor of minced roasted duck was awesome, with a lovely twist of sweetness from the pineapple. Love it so much.


Steamed Cristal Blue Shrimp Dumpling in Goldfish Shape 藍天使蝦金魚餃 ($60)

One of the signature dim sum at The Eight. Had shrimp dumplings for hundreds of times but that’s the first time having some with such cute looking. Indeed, too cute to eat. Cristal blue shrimp is also called ‘Angel shrimp’ in Japan, which lives in the area with almost 0 pollution. It has a bit blue skin, and is high in flavor.

The shrimp dumpling itself has a very thin and tastes a little bit chewy (positive), and the shrimp inside totally crushed into my mouth when i took the first bite – it was so bouncy and ‘umami’! and end with a twist of sweetness. The best shrimp dumpling ever.


Crispy Barbecued Pork Buns with Preserved Vegetables 脆香叉燒包 ($45)

Another signature dim sum here, and another dim sum that were too cute to eat. The soft and fluffy skin was made into a hedgehog shape, every single shorn was very ‘sharp’ and not hard nor dry to eat.


Inside, the barbecued pork was very tender and packed full of rich flavors and textures, a great duo combination with the lightness of pickled vegetables.


Steamed Rice Flour Roll with Shrimp Spring Roll 春風得意腸粉 ($60)

Although the skin of cheung fun was not that thin as the one from Sun Tung Lok, or the losbter rice roll, the texture of the rice roll was actually not bad at all. The spring roll inside has a very crispy skin – not oily at all. The shrimp inside was very juicy and bouncy.


We firstly tried the rice roll without the sauce, it was quite good by itself because of the rich flavor from the shrimp itself. But we still prefer to serve it with sauce.


Steamed Crab Claw with Egg White and Ginger and Vintage Chinese Wine 薑米酒蒸蟹拑 ($240) 


Comes with a lovely smell of ginger wine, the crab claw itself was really big in size – very meaty and tender. Its flavor perfectly went through the steamed egg white, which was very silky and smooth.


Steamed Crab Claw with Egg White and Fish Broth 魚湯蛋白蒸蟹拑 ($240)   

We also ordered another one because a minimum order of two was requited. This one steamed with fish broth has a much natural tastes, but was really good as well because of the delicious fish broth. But i personally prefer the previous one because it is not commonly steamed with ginger wine.


Sauteed Broccoli and Gai Lan with Gingko and Fresh Bean Curd Skin 鮮腐竹銀杏炒芥菜 ($160)

The commended vegetable dish at The Eight, looks very healthy delicious. There was a little bit fish soup as a base and the overall flavor was actually quite good as a vegetable dish, and much much better than the (horrible) vegetables at Lung King Heen.


Petit Fours: Portuguese egg tarts and Milk tea

The egg tarts were much smaller than the regular size, but we felt so glad to have some complimentary Portuguese egg tarts from a 3-starred restaurant. The tart base was very fluffy and crispy, with a very smooth filling. However, we felt the filling twas overly sweetened.


A mini cup of milk tea – made of real black tea and condensed milk. It would be perfect if it was less sweet.


All the dishes we had were really enjoyable, and dim sums were also pleasing renditions of popular treats, certainly qualified for its three Michelin stars. Ambiance and service were good as well. Compare to another 3-starred Chinese/Cantonese restaurant – Lung King Heen in Four Seasons Hong Kong, which used to be my favorite Chinese restaurant, we actually think the food here at The Eight are better than Lung King Heen. But we prefer the large French windows and the view from Lung King Heen, even though the cost of intereior decoration at The Eight seems much higher-scaled. We came to a conclusion that the best Dim Sum and Cantonese dishes we have ever tasted was not in Hong Kong, but here in Macau, at The Eight.



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