London | Marcus Restaurant

Marcus Wareing restaurant group in London is famous for their exquisite fine dining venues and flawless services. Currently having Marcus, The Gilbert Scott, Tredwells, and The Bar at The Gilbert Scott in the group, the fine dining restaurant Marcus at the Berkeley Hotel has a great reputation by serving the finest contemporary British food to evoke
and create memories.

Marcus was the first restaurant i visited in London this time, right after my trip to Copenhagen. My partner’s flight arrives in late evening thus i visited Marcus alone. I have heard a lot of great things at Marcus, accompany by its two-Michelin-star position, i expected a lot on my meal at Marcus.



The restaurant is painstakingly decorated in an upscale British style, the tones of brown booth and mint-blue armchairs by the white-clothed tables was nothing but elegant. I was concisely greeted with a warm welcome by the server and seated at the booth. The menu has been prepared underneath the napkin, between the 5 course and 7 course tasting menu, i picked the 5 courses since i was not in a mood to eating too much that day, i was told this doesn’t matters a lot as the 5 course menu also includes most of the signature dishes.

Baked ricotta tart
Fennel bread

The meal started with an amuse bouche followed by bread service. Since this was my first meal after leaving Copenhagen, the bread was so disappointing in comparison.

Salmon, cucumber, calamansi, quince

I was quite ‘surprised’ by the first appetizer, featuring two of the ingredients i hate – salmon and calamansi. Never thought of this combination before because the calamansi is too strong to match the salmon.

Delica pumpkin agnolotti, seeds, d’Espelette

My favorite dish of the meal was the pumpkin agnolotti. The homemade pasta was cooked al date, inside was incredibly creamy and sweet pumpkin. With assorted seeds add some crunchy textures, a quite lovely dish.

Scallop, apple, truffle, roasted beef dressing

The third dish was scallop with apple and truffle, the scallop was overcooked and the entire dish was imbalanced.





Marinated quail, salt baked celeriac, hazelnut

Next to arrive was quail in two ways – smoked and marinated. I loved the smoked quail breast and thigh which smells extraordinary, the skin was very crispy and the meat was succulent. The marinated leg was coated with a layer of crispy rice puffs, the sweet quail jus deliciously lifts the tastes of entire dish.


Meadowsweet custard, peach, thyme

Dessert was another weak part. Even the petit fours taste slightly better.

Petit Fours


Personally believe Marcus is overrated, to be honest this was the most disappointing fine dining meal i have had in London.



Address: The Berkeley, Wilton Pl, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RL
Hours: Monday – Saturday (including bank holidays) 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm