[Langkawi] Ikan Ikan @ Four Seasons Resort

Built in the style of a limas, a traditional Malaysian home, Ikan-Ikan – which means “fish” in Malay – highlights authentic Malay cuisine.


The casual beachfront pavilion is divided into four main areas, each with idyllic views over the surroundings. 2

The open-air deck with a two-storey fish-scaled terracotta Malay roof overlooking stunning beach views is the largestest among all the dining sections.



Interesting jar


Complimentary snacks


Chicken Satay (MYR 70) is a must try in Malaysia. Satay is grilled marinated skewers, usually made of beef or chicken and served with peanut Sauce. The one serves at Ikan Ikan was great, very tender meat with deep flavor of curry.


Kerabu Betik, Limau Bali, Isi Ketam (MYR 74) is a Langkawi crab meat salad with papaya, pomelo, mixed island greens, chili and ginger flower. It was spicy but very refreshing.


Kerabu Sotong Bakar (MYR 70) is another recommended appetizer from the menu. Made of grilled calamari ,young mango, mixed herbs, fried shallot and tssed with mild spicy coconut and chili dressing. As the previous appetizer was also very spicy, i didn’t feel too much special flavor from this appetizer. Just spicy, but refreshing.


Ikan-Ikan Kukus Dua Musim (MYR 138) is highly recommended by chef. It is basically a mild spicy steamed red snapper with ginger, lemon grass, lime leaves and chili paste. It smells quite fishy (negative) when it comes to the table, while the taste was not too bad. The entire fish was sliced into fillets so that each piece was nice flavored. The fish itself was fresh and tender, while both of us feel it was quite bland compare to the previous appetizers.


Gulai Ketam Kuala Muda (MYR 140) is a mild spicy crab curry with young papaya and homemade spices. The homemade yellow curry tastes really good, creamy but not heavy.


There was generous portion of crab meat was stuffed in the crab shell, but we don’t like the preserved salted crab meat very much. It was fishy and not fresh. Such a waste of the curry goodness.


Udang Cili Karipole (MYR 148) was our favorite among all the mains. This plate of wok-fried spicy tiger prawns with chili paste, cashew nuts and curry leaves is also featured on the hotel’s website. The coconut-curry base was light and have a lovely aroma. The prawns was big and bouncy, with a very deep flavor.


Gulai Ansaman Bersama Pisang (MYR 145) from the ‘A Fruity Foray’ menu, is a Seafood Ansaman curry (Sea bass, mussel, prawn, scallops) with banana and tomato.Fruit is an essential ingredient in traditonal Malay cuisine. This month, Ched Adee and the multi-awarded wining Ikan-Ikan tram presesent a menu of local specialities that feature fuit as the star of the show. It was not bad but nothing very impressive.


All the curry dishes are perfect to serve with Nasi Putih (MYR 9), which is fragrant steamed rice.


Some local greens are essential to a balanced meal. Kangkung Tumis Belacan (MYR 42) must be the most signature veggie dished in Malay, which is wok-fried morning glory with shrimp paste. Compare those i had in Singapore, the Malay one is less spicy and less oily.


Tumis Kailan Ikan Masin (MYR 42) was also a healthy and flavorful vegetable dish – Wok-fried mustard leaves with shrimp paste and salted fish.


Phad Thai Noodles, chicken and vegetables (MYR 16) from the kids menu was much bigger than we expected, it was much worth the money than the rice/noodle dishes on the regular menu. The entire dish was great and flavorful.33

Apam Gula Hangus (MYR 50) with honeycomb cake, honeycomb ice-cream and frozen honeycomb was the most impressive dessert i have had recently. It sounds very sweet and heavy, but actually very delightful with natural sweetness from honey. The cake base was warm, flourless but moist, the combination with the ice cream and grilled honey comb was just perfect.


Mango Sorbet with fresh Mango (MYR 45) was very refreshing.1111

Ais Krim Goreng (MYR 50), which is a deep-fried mango ice cream, sounds very interesting. I don’t know how the chef process the frozen ice-cream and deep fried it, but the taste and texture was great. The outerlayer was crispy, while inside was still frozen (the picture turned out like this because i spent a lot time take pictures). With caramelized dried mango glaze and homemade ice cream, it was a sweet ending.

Compare to Serai, which is the Italian restaurant in the resort, we much prefer Ikan-Ikan. Not only because we were in Malaysia and certainly should eat more local food, but also for the great taste, high quality food and amazing view.



Address: Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Hours: 6pm-10:30pm daily

Visited: Feb.25 & 27. 2015

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