Cafe Karirenge カフェ火裏蓮花

Cafe Karirenge, or カフェ火裏蓮花 in Japanese, housed in a narrow alleyway off the main street. Located inside a machiya off the main street, Karirenge is quite famous for its matcha cake.

The interior of the cafe was warm and nice, which gives you a homey feeling. There are 5 tables and 2 rows of counter seats inside the cafe, it is a quiet and relaxing place that i can even spend a whole afternoon here, to read, drink and think.


Visited: Oct.2015

Address:〒604-8101 京都府京都市中京区柳八幡町74−4

Hours: weekdays 10:00~18:00 weekends11:30~18:00


Well, obvisouly i was not here for reading and thinking haha. What i came for is their famous matcha milk cake (抹茶ミルクのケーキ). The cake has a drooling molten center, the cake itself was moist, creamy and delicious. The bitterness of the green tea sauce on the side balanced very well with the rich cake, same for the light fresh cream on the top. While the rice puffs nicley added a crispy texture to the entire piece of cake. Lovely.


There are tones of nice matcha desserts in Kyoto, if you are looking for somewhere quiet and has less tourists, i am sure you will love this place.