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The last stop of this Hong Kong food trip was at the highest Chinese restaurant in the world – Tin Lung Heen, a Michelin two star Cantonese restaurant on 102F of Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. As one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong, you will be impressed by its spectacular view from the floor-to-ceiling glasses once you step into the restaurant. The elegant decor as well as the impeccable service too give a nice first impression. Tin Lung Heen offers a wide range of traditional Cantonese dishes as well as dishes with chef’s unique creations.


Tin Lung Heen is currently helmed by Executive chef Paul Lau Ping Lui, who is an expert in Chinese culinary arts with over 36 years of experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, as well as in Dubai and UK. Dim Sum chef Chi Hang Wu also has a strong background who’ve been worked in culinary industry for 17 years (2016′).









The meal kicked off by serving a snack of roasted walnut with glazed honey, i still prefer Yan Toh Heen’s walnut in comparison. I always prefer to have lunch at Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong because of the heart-warming dim sum which are hard to find quality ones oversea.

龍軒筍尖蝦餃 Steamed golden shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoot (HK$90/5pcs)

Har Gau (shrimp dumpling) as a symbol of yum cha has a pretty crystal skin, by which you can even see the large shrimp inside. The skin could be thinner while the umami tastes and bouncy texture made it up.


Chili sauce was served for guests who prefer bolder flavours.

燒鵝鮑魚酥 Baked abalone puff with roasted goose (HK$138/2 pieces)

Followed by the abalone puff with roasted goose,which reminds me of Lung King Heen‘s abalone puff but differently, this one was with roasted goose in the center instead of LKH’s chicken. The tart base was soft and buttery which works well with the whole abalone and flavourful goose inside. I like to in general, but some how lack of depth. Although i prefer roasted goose over chicken for most of the time, i still prefer LKH’s abalone puff.

龍軒瑤柱花膠灌湯餃 Soup dumpling with conpoy and fish maw in supreme stock (HK$115)

M favourite item at TLH was the soup dumping. The huge dumpling arrived in a clear soup broth, the skin was exactly that thin as it looks. Inside the paper-thin skin was chuck full of delicious fish mar and convoy, the broth has a mild white vinegar taste beyond the umami taste to balance the filling. Lovely.  (Highly recommend)

蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒 Barbecued Iberian pork with honey、黑魚子蝦球燒賣皇 Steamed pork and prawn dumpling with caviar、芝麻海蜇凍鮑絲 Chilled shredded abalone with jellyfish in sesame oil

Each of us had an appetiser & dim sum platter too. My partner loved the prawn dumpling, it was quite large and nicely steamed, very bouncy and flavourful. Unfortunately, mine steamed crab meat dumpling was lack of flavours and the skin was too thick.

芝麻海蜇凍鮑絲 Chilled shredded abalone with jellyfish in sesame oil、燕窩蟹肉石榴粿 Steamed crab meat and shrimp dumpling with bird’s nest、掛爐燒鵝 Roasted goose with plum sauce



Arguably the most famous dish at Tin Lung Heen, the barbecued Iberian pork (蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒) was gorgeous. The char-grilled pork was very tender and flavourful. My favourite roast goose, was however under-expected.Its skin was crispy while the fat contents made it a bit oily.

有機青菜花龍蝦球 Sautéed lobster with organic Romanesco

For the main dishes, the lobster was well-sauteed with an incredibly tender texture and oceanic flavor. I was quite surprised that the braised pork belly is a signature dish here because it is actually origins from Hangzhou in mainland China. As a girl who grows up in this dish’s hometown area, the braised pork was honestly succulent and the flavour goes through the entire large meat very well, while it was too salty for our liking that we didn’t even finish 1/6 of it. It was sent back to the kitchen at last, the manager kindly removed it from our bill. But i am pretty sure it goes better with white rice.

龍軒東坡肉 Braised pork belly with supreme black vinegar (HK$108)


薑糖酒炒芥蘭 Sautéed Chinese kale with ginger wine sauce

I favorite vegetable dish in Hong Kong is sautéed Kai Lan (chinese kale) with HKnese sauce of ginger wine, the kale was at it finest quality and processed very well. Simple is the best.

鮑粒荷葉飯 Fried rice with diced abalone, duck and shrimp wrapped in lotus leaf (HK$99)

Fried rice wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf was another my favourite at Tin Lung Heen. Wok-fried with diced abalone, duck and shrimp to give a burst of oceanic flavors as well as more textures, the rice was not oily nor dry at all, it was nothing but delicious. I much prefer this one than the one i had at Yan Toh Heen one day ago. (Highly recommend)

香芒楊枝甘露 Chilled mango cream with sago and pomelo、黑白流沙煎堆仔 Deep-fried sesame dumpling filled with egg custard、傳統酥皮蛋撻 Traditional baked egg custard tart

Finally a satisfying ending with everyone’s favorite chilled mango cream with sago and pomelo, side with deep-friend sesame rice ball which was not oozing but the flavourful salted egg yolk made it up. The traditional baked egg custard tart has a flaky tart based and incredibly silk and smooth egg custard in the center which we enjoyed a lot too.



Each of us got a small box of home-blended tea, a lot of thanks to the entire team for the wonderful service and delicious food. Our dining experience at Tin Lung Heen was good overall, dishes were flawless while few items have room for improvements. While to be honest, among other Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants i have been in Hong Kong, I still prefer Yan Toh Heen (my favourite), Sun Tung Luk and LKH. But Tin Lung Keen is definitely with a visit for its impeccable service and settings, and the food was not bad.



Tin Lung Heen 天龍軒

Address: 102F Ritz Carlton Hotel, International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Hours: Weekdays 12:00–14:00, 18:00–22:00; Weekends 11:00–15:00, 18:00–22:00

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