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NUR, derive from ‘light’ in Arabic, simple represents what the food is. The name also a pay on the Head Chef Nurdin Topham, a British chef who has over 20 years culinary experience and worked at one of the best restaurant in the world Noma.

Located on the third floor of Lyndhrust Tower in the Central, NUR is a cosy and relax restaurant with an open kitchen, 9 tables in the main dining room, a terrance with 2 tables and home-grown herbs. Private rooms are also available. NUR was awarded one-Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide 2015.



Visited: July.17.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 3rd Floor, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace Central, Hong Kong

Hours: Dinner 6:30pm~, Tuesday to Sunday

Menu: Tasting Menu $1188 HKD










NUR is the first restaurant i have been to which uses compressed towels, seems NUR really want to make everything unique. I was then presented with the menu of the night, which was a 9-course Chef’s Tasting Menu priced at $1188 HKD.



Amuse Bouche

Amuse bouche consists of four types of finger food: Aweet corn taco with corn foam, Crisp with onion, garlic, tomato and cheese, Cucumber with jelly, Radish skewer, mustard and crispy watercress.



Amuse Bouche

The second amuse bouche was hydrated watermelon, pickled onions, lemon and wasabi. The watermelon was marinated in kombu juice, thus has a lovely aroma besides the sweetness of watermelon. Followed by a shot of herbal tea to clean the palate, the first bit was quite strong (like wasabi), while the sweet and sour aftertaste was quite refreshing.



Ash Gourd: wasabi buttermilk, alliums, jasmine

The first dish was a cold soup. The pickled gourd and onions was crispy and has a sweet and sour flavor, the clear onion broth was too bland for my liking while the roasted pumpkin seeds nicely enhanced the flavor and textures. It was quite average and i  cannot remember the flavor of this dish really well.

Hamo: wampee, goose juice, tarragon

Followed up was Hamo, which was made of Japanese eel skin, it has a smooth texture and a very unique eel flavor. The goose live juice was warm and delicious. The pickled baby onions with a sour hint balanced well.

Girolle: seeds, sweetcorn & parsley

Girolle is a kind of wild mushroom, it was nicely grilled and covered with its foam. Underneath was sweet corn, fava beans, sunflower and alfalfa flower seeds on a bed of parsley puree. The combination of different textures and flavors was beautiful, compare to the previous two dishes, i much loved this warm bowl of comfort food.



Hamachi: watermelon, lemon marigold, lettuce

Slowly move to the mains, the Japanese Hamachi was very well cooked – with a lightly seared outer layer, leave the center part raw. It has a lovely smoky scent and was very juicy. On the side was a cube of pickled watermelon with a layer of pistachio puree and crushed pistachoes, the watermelon was juicy and sweet but hard to figure it was pickled.

Golden Egg: marinated Taiyouran egg, legumes, rocket

The dish i enjoyed the most was the Golen Egg, which was an Taiyoran egg marinated in white soy and kombu to bring it a umami flavor. Surrounded by deep-fried enoki mushrooms, phil phil pea, parmesan broth and rocket.


The egg was perfectly boiled with a wonderful runny yolk, it has a special smoky aroma and umami taste. The fried mushrooms and peas added more textures to the dish. I found the flavor of rocket was too strong although there were only four leaves, the bitterness was too overwhelming.


The homemade sourdough came next, with a golden crust and a soft inside. The homemade smoked butter on the side makes was soft and flavor, so good with the breads.



King Oyster Mushroom: bbq’d mushroom, yogurt, cucumber, lemon

I know it doesn’t make any sense, my Wagyu beef dish was substitute with king oyster mushroom as my dietary request. The oyster mushroom was a bit sour and nothing really impressive. While it is quite hard to judge as it suppose to be a beef dish.

Flounder: wild flounder, cabbage, nori, amaranth

The last main dish of the meal was a perfectly poached flounder fillet – it was so moist and melt-in-mouth tenderness that i don’t even need to use the knife. The fish itself very juicy and umami, and the amaranth puffs added some crispy texture. The fermented cabbage was crispy and its sourness supposed to balanced well the dish, it was too salty and covered the flavor of Japanese truffle on the top.

Peach: yamanashi peach, cashew, yuzu

The first dessert was a slice of Japanaese Yamanashi peach, side with cashew milk tofu. The peach was compressed with lychee and lemongrass juice – very juicy and moderate sweet. The cashew milk tofu was very silky and has a strong cashew nut flavor, with some cashew nuts shavings to enhanced the texture.

Cherries: pistachio, chia, roselle

The last dish of the meal was a slice of pistachio cake topped with cherries and roselle. The pistachio cake was warm and moist unfortunately too weak in flavor. The compressed cherries was filled with roselle which was quite interesting, the chia chips nicely added more texture to the dish. This dish was again disappointing at the wood soil leaf was too strong in flavor.

Petit Fours





To be honest, i was not really impressive by the dishes in general. Although most of the ingredients are well-processed, but there was nothing really special on the flavor side. I loved the marinated egg which i personally think was very unique, textural and flavorful. The portion size was average or even a bit lighter than average. I don’t really want to take the risk and come again next time, for this price and the taste of food with a michelin star, i think Tate Dining Room & Bar was a much better and safer choice.


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  1. we really are sorry you did not find your experience at nur restaurant to be as fulfilling as we aim for. i would like to point out that you seem to have got many of your descriptions and techniques used in the menu wrong. always feel free to email nur before publishing your review and we can clarify the menu for you. i think it is fair we request a true description of the food when someone is reviewing

    many thanks

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