[Hangzhou] Mercato Piccolo by Mercato, Jean Georges

Mercato, the Italian eatery founded by Jean Georges and Three on the Bund (外滩三号), is one of the best Italian restaurant in Shanghai. It is also one of my favorite restaurant in Shanghai, i am always impressive with their food as well as the ambiance. Now Mercato opens in Hangzhou, name Mercato Piccolo. Mercato Piccolo housed in the most valued shopping mall in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Tower (杭州大厦).

Mercato是米其林主厨Jean Georges和外滩三号合作的意大利餐厅,是上海最好的意大利餐厅之一,也是我个人非常喜欢的餐厅。最近杭州分店Mercato Piccolo也开业了,地处杭州的地标购物城—杭州大厦。


Visited: June.3rd.2015 (Lunch) 造访日: 2015年6月3日午餐

Address: 1F, Tower D, Hangzhou Tower, Hangzhou 杭州大厦D座1楼

Hours: 11:00-15:00, 17:00-22:00


Similar to the Shanghai restaurant, the decor of Mercato Piccolo is simply vintage. The restaurant is much smaller than the one in Shanghai, which can fit 50 diners at a time.



That day was the third day of opening, the entire restaurant was fully occupied. Luckily we made a reservation in advance, and got a table by window. However, we felt that the service was not qualified once we stepped into the restaurant.





The menu at Mercato Piccolo features most of the signature dishes at Mercato Shanghai, such as the Warm Seafood Salad, pizzas, pastas. Most of the dishes priced at CNY 88-128.

Mercato Piccolo的菜单包含了Mercato大部分的招牌菜,比如温热海鲜色拉,还有招牌的比萨和意面。价格比起上海也实惠一点,大部分主菜都在88元至128元之间。


No matter at Mercato or Mercato Piccolo, you should try their wood-oven pizzas. The pizza was freshly in-house made and baked freshly, which is quite rare in Hangzhou.

无论是在Mercato还是Mercato Piccolo, 招牌的pizza是不可错过的一道菜。pizza的饼底都是自家制的,用的也是城中罕见的木炭烤。

Complimentary Breads 免费餐前面包


Italian Chicories Salad with Orange and Fennel, Aged Balsamic and Olive Oil 意大利菊苣沙拉配橙子和茴香,陈年意大利黑醋和橄榄油 (CNY 38)

My friends never been to Mercato before, so besides the signature dishes i have had before, we also picked some dishes depends on the featured pictures on menu. The Italian Chicories Salad was a very healthy green starter, the addition of orange and dressings were quite refreshing. But the overall flavor was nothing special.


Warm Seafood Salad with Avocado, Lemon and Parsley 温热海鲜沙拉配牛油果、柠檬和欧芹 (CNY 98)

The dish i enjoyed a lot at Mercato Shanghai, Warm Seafood Salad is also available on the menu. The presentation and the ingredients is almost the same as Mercato’s. The seafood was processed well, the octopus and prawns were quite tender, the clams were fresh as well. While the portion is smaller than Mercato Shanghai, and the quality of the seafood was not that premium. I don’t mind come back for this as long as its delicious.


Porcini Crusted Salmon, Warm Leek Vinaigrette and Herbs 牛肝菌裹三文鱼, 温热京葱醋汁和香草(CNY 138)

Porcini crusted salmon is the featured siganture main course, i have tried this in Mercato Shanghai and was quite impressive with it. I felt a bit disappointing when it came to table, as the fat part hasn’t been processed very well, as you can see from the picture. I expected it is melt-in-mouth in tenderness and quite juicy, but it was actually over-cooked. The porcini crust was too salty.



Black Truffle Pizza, Three Cheeses and Farm Egg 黑松露比萨, 三层芝士和有机蛋 (CNY 198)

We expected the pizza the most and hopefully, it was quite impressive. The black truffle pizza came with a very lovely truffle fragrance, the crust was thin and crunchy. The combination with three cheese and poached egg was so indulgent, see the runny egg yolk? The pizza was cheesy and flavorful. A must try.



Rigatoni and Braised Meatballs, Smoked Chili Tomato Ragu 直通心粉配肉丸, 烟熏辣椒番茄肉酱 (CNY 88)

We also tried the recommended rigatoni with braised meatballs. The entire dish was very flavorful, the meatballs were made in house, very tender and delicious. While the pasta itself was too soft for my liking, it would be perfect if it is al dante.

直通心粉配肉丸是另一道餐厅的推荐菜。整道意面味道很浓郁,自家制的肉丸也很嫩。可惜意面煮地太软了,最好的口感应该是弹牙的al dante口感。


The food at Mercato Piccolo is not really impressive compare to Mercato Shanghai, except the pizza is above average. But in Hangzhou, it is probably my favorite western restaurant so far. The food quality should be the highest at opening, but that’s not the case at Mercato Piccolo. Especially the service, which has large room for improvement. I don’t mind to revisit Mercato Piccolo if i am lazy to travel to Shanghai.

总体来说口味不算特别印象深刻,和上海店相差甚远,除了pizza还算中上水平。但是光在西餐业还未崛起的杭州来看,这可能是我最喜欢的西餐厅了。一般来说,餐厅的服务和食物质量在刚开业时应该是最好的,但是Mercato Piccolo在这点上很让人失望。不过不管怎么说,对于我来说,也是多了个“食堂”。


Ratings:( 0-5 Rating Scale)

Food 3.00

Service 2.50

Ambiance 3.50

Recommend? Maybe

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