[Hangzhou] 28 Hubin Road (湖滨28)

28 Hubin Road is an award-wining restaurant of Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, which speciality in traditional Hangzhounese cuisine. It is positioned at No.34 of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2015. With the emphasis on the freshest ingredients, 28 HuBin Road’s menu features seasonal dishes highlighted with classic recipes from nearby cities. I have been there over 50+ times over years and their signature dishes were consistently great.

Lastest visit: May.5th.2015 (Dinner)




The interior of the restaurant is a bit dim, but decored in a very traditional style. You can see the arts of ancient China everywhere.








Bringing together the very best of East and West by Executive Chef John Zhou and Chef Alan Shen, 28 HuBin Road provides the perfect complement to authentic Chinese cuisine with an excellent array of fine wines, good coffee, tea and a wide selection of popular Western desserts.

Complimentary snack

As soon as being seated, we were served with the complimentary snack which changes daily. We had the pickled long beans that day, it was a bit spicy and sour, very refreshing.

Chef’s Appetizer Platter 主厨精选冷菜拼盘 (¥158)

The chef’s appetizer platter is definitely a great choice for those who cannot decide what to start with, but wanna try a lot signature appetizers. The platter consists of 3 non-vegetarian and 3 vegetarian appetizers, you can request for items you especially want try.

Osenanthus lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice 桂花西湖藕韵

While eating in Hangzhou, you must try the ‘osenanthus’ lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice (糖藕). 28 Hubin Road served one of the (two) best lotus root in my opinion (another one is from Jinsha @ Four Seasons Hotel).

Smoked quail eggs stuffed with foie gras 茶香鸽蛋酿鹅肝

Another my really appetizer is the smoked quail eggs stuffed with foie gras 茶香鸽蛋酿鹅肝. The creamy, melt-in-mouth foie gras was nicely stuffed in the jelly-like smoked quail egg. The entire combination was superb. A must-try.



Boiled ‘Song Sao’ fish soup 宋嫂鱼羹 (¥78/per person)

Boiled ‘Song Sao’ fish soup 宋嫂鱼羹 is also another traditonal Hangzhounese dish. Almost every Chinese restaurant in Hangzhou serves this soup, but very few can make such high standard. The soup was creamy, with generous portion of fried-Mandarin fish. It was not fishy at all, very umami. The best in town.

Wok-fried traditional style ‘Longjing’ shrimps 龙井虾仁 (¥288)

By using the local Chinese green tea Longjing, a simple platter of traditional wok-fried shrimps became more special. The shell of each shrimp is freshly taken by hands (some restaruants use frozen shrimps), the texture was very bouncy. It comes with rice vinegar. As a local, i am not a big fan of this dish as it is quite bland (it suppose to be), and its nothing really special about the taste, except the addition of the Longjing tealeaves.  It is quite pricy for a plat of wok-fried shrimps.

Braised traditional ‘dongpo’ pork, served with chestnut pancakes 金牌扣肉配栗子饼 (¥348)

The highlight of the menu must be the Braised traditional ‘dongpo’ pork 金牌扣肉, which is the ever-famous and popular item at 28 Hubin Road. It was made of 500g braised ‘dongpo’ pork, braised dried bamboo shoots from ‘tianmu’ moutain and drained Chinese cabbage, served with 12 chestnut pancakes.


Different from the real traditional ‘dongpo’ pork, the meat was sliced into over 15 extremely thin layers into a pyramid. The pork itself was perfectly braised, the meat was succulent and has a deep flavor. Even the lard part was not oily, yet well balanced with the greens and pancakes.



DSC09497Another part of the dish i really enjoyed was the bamboo shoots. It was braised with the pork, thus was high in flavor as well. Every single sliced of bamboo shoot was tender and delicious.

Braised spinach in fish soup 上汤苋菜 (¥78)

We also ordered a seasonal green dish. Diners can pick any vegetables available daily, in your preferred way of cooking, either sauteed, drained, with soup, fried with garlic, etc. The spinach was very young and tender.

Pancake rolled up with fried bread stick and scallion 葱包桧

葱包桧 is a traditonal snack in Hangzhou, yes only in Hangzhou. It was a very thin pancake, filled with pressed bread steak (Youtiao 油条) and fresh scallion. You can also buy it at some street food stall but trust me, this is the finest one i have ever had. Some of the others’ i have tried was either too oil, the pancake was too thick, too tough or not crispy.


Some typical dishes are consistently good over the years, such as Braised pork, Lotus root, Quail eggs, Pancakes, Fish Soup – which you shouldn’t miss if you plan to eat here. But for some other signature dishes i have tried before such as the ‘Qianlong’ fish head, crispy chicken, and ‘Jiahua’ chicken, i don’t really recommend.

The service standard was not very stable, but quite normal in China that some servers treat you depends on what kind of person you looks like. Reservation is highly recommend as it is much more popular nowadays although the food is pricy. Hyatt Hangzhou locates side by West Lake (西湖), so you can take a walk after your meal 🙂


28 Hubin Road (湖滨28)

Address: 1F Hyatt Regency Hangzhou (28 Hubin Road), Hangzhou, China


Tel: 87791234 

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