Tokyo | Nihonryori RyuGin 龍吟

RyuGin is a famous 3 michelin star Contemporary Kaiseki in Tokyo. It is also on of the best restaurants in the world and the top of Asia.





A red envelope was presented to each of us as soon as being seated. Inside its the seasonal menu, which is the menu of the day. We didn't know that's the 10 years celebration of RyuGin. Happy 10 years old RyuGin!


There are 10 courses total in for our dinner, and a cup of hot matcha after the meal.


Our assistant was a white lady, with fluent English and we felt very comfortable to table to her because most of the Japanese servers cannot speak English very good. She commended her favorite sake for two of us. We were allowed to choose any crystal sake glass from a wide selection.



Assorted Spring Vegetables with Shellfish (cold)  and a Sip of Clam Soup (hot)

The first appetizer comes with two parts, hot and cold. For the cold part, the shellfish was incredibly fresh and tender. Lightly seared but served in cold, with slightly ponzu sauce. The vegetables on the bottom brought some freshness to the dish.


On the side was a bit hot clam soup. The texture of the serve ware also makes the food looks more delicious. The soup itself was very simple, and really delicious!


Grilled Firely Squid and Young Peas on Eggs Custard

The best Chawanmushi ever!  The eggs custard itself was smooth and creamy. The grilled baby squid has a light burnt and umami smell, and perfectly enhanced the flavor to the entire dish, the baby squid by itself was tender and bit chewy.


Kuruma Prawn Dumpling and Simmered Abalone in Luxurious presentation

The homemade Kuruma prawn dumpling was like a fish ball - it was so good, smooth, moist and high in prawn flavor. The simmered abalone made the clear soup simply delcious.


Ocean's Delicacy Array of 3 plates of RyuGin style


Fresh Sea Urchin in Lace Wrapping flash Fried

Wrapped in a seaweed and deep fried, the sea uni still melted in my mouth with a bit sweetness. The puree on the bottom was really good to go with.


Cherry Salmon and Vegetables with Pine nuts dressing


After the first main course, a side of simmered apple in vinegar for clear off the flavor from previous dish, and ready for next main.


Akage Beef  Filet Charcoal Sukiyaki style with Crispy Poached Egg

One of the best presented food during the meal, although all the the dishes were presented perfectly. Before starting the meal, i actually inform the assistant that i don't eat beef or pork, but she strongly recommend us to take the beef. Then we finally decide to have a try as we didn't try the real Akage beef before, and we should cherish the chance that we were here in Japan, especially one of the best restaurants in the world. I used to eat a lot beef, and i promise that this one is the best i have ever had.


The beef was grilled perfectly in a Sukiyaki way, which is much healthier also. It was still a bit raw inside and my mom refused to eat that at the beginning, but ended with give it a try.The beef did wins. It just went perfectly with the crispy egg, the yolk was running was i cut it into half and made me seriously mouth watering. The egg yolk just went perfectly with beef.  The beef at its best!


Simmered Rice Flavor with Cherry Blossoms  tea and Sakura Shrimp  from Buguwawan Bay

The rice comes with strong flavor of cherry and sakura shrimp. Love the idea of cooking rice in cherry tea because it was the cherry blossoms season in Japan.  The sakura shrimp made the simple rice dish perfect! The portion is just a little so don't need to worry about cannot finish it!


Cup of green tea before starting the desserts section.P1050490

One piece of Strawberry is the signature dessert at RyuGin and i saw posts people made on it. Presented in a strawberry shape but it was actually made of sugar.P1050491

Simply use my spoon to hit the strawberry curst and it comes like that. Really strawberries inside with fresh strawberry jam. But to be honest, it is way too sweet for me and nothing wow except its apperance and the way it serves.


Hot Sake and Cold Sake Flavors was actually a sake souffle with sake and rum ice-cream on the side. We both love this one much better than the previous strawberry, it was soooo good, definitely the best souffle i have ever had.

The souffle itself was hot,moist and smooth, with a lovely twist of sake flavor. Speechless. Served with the creamy and melting fresh rum and sake ice-cream, made it a perfect ending to our amazing dinning experience at RyuGin.P1050507

Finally a small bowl of hot matcha. Hold the bowl with two hands, and feel the tiny sweetness from the overall bitter matcha, and show our warmest appreciate to RyuGin for one of the best meal in our lives.

日本料理 龍吟 Nihonryori RyuGin

Roppongi 7-17-24, Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +81 3 3423 8006