Tokyo | 和栗や Waguri-ya

When you travel to Japan, you should always leave room for desserts. Japanese love to use seasonal ingredients in their desserts and most dessert places even serves seasonal food only. For example, you'll never find a strawberry desserts in summer, pear flavors in spring, Sakura flavor in winter... While for ingredients have a longer stock like chestnut, you can still get it all year around especially at a chestnut specialized dessert place like Waguriya. (The best season is still Autumn and Winter though)




Hours: 11am-7pm, closed in Mondays

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This small Japanese dessert place located in a tranditinal street in Ueno area. There are 8 tatami seats and 4 tables totally - quite small and I spent 10 minutes to get a table. If you are rushing, you can try their chestnut softserve instead.


Although Waguriya-ya is a Japanese desser place, most deserts on the menu are actually western-infused.





The signature Mont Blanc has a unique shape that is different from most of the Mont Blanc you get anywhere else. None artificial flavors were added, the whole piece have a very real chestnut flavor. The chestnut cream is very smooth and delicious, with a lovely taste of rum. It is a iitendelcious but definitely bot the best chestnut place in town. No need to make it a trip for purpose, if you are around, don't forget to try it!