Tokyo | Sushi Yoshitake 鮨 よしたけ

Sushi Yoshitake is one of the best sushi-ya (Sushi restaurants) in Tokyo, holding 3 michelin stars in continuously years. Like other famous sushi-ya in the area, Sushi Yoshitake housed in an office building in the heart of Ginza. The chef, Yoshitake san, also opened his first and the only branch oversea in Hong Kong-Sushi Shikon.


I firstly asked the chef if pictures are allowed, he said phones only. Stupid me, i saw other guests using cameras.In case i asked him already, i decided to go with my phone :(



Kobako Crab 香箱蟹


Crab-overload during this trip, but i don't mind to have some more because Hyogo Female Snow Crab is really rare, and very good in taste. Unlike the huge one i had in Ginza Okamoto, the one here was premium small crab. The crab meat was firm and juicy, end with full mouth of sweetness.


Tile Fish きんめだいの炙り


Octopus 明石の煮タコ

Yoshitake san took out a huge octopus, maybe the biggest real octopus we've ever seen. The octopus was chewy and tender, the sauce was the best helper - like sweet soy sauce, which makes the whole piece gorgeous.


Steamed Abalone with abalone liver sauce アワビ蒸し, 肝のソース

Then comes the most famous thing at Yoshitake. Nothing special about the abalone, it was tender itself, while the abalone live sauce was indeed a bomb. Unlike any other kinds of liver such as foie gras or those of any other animals, the forest green liver sauce was so creamy and smooth and strong in flavor.



After finished the abalone, i was given a tiny shari ball, to soak up every single drop of the golden liver sauce.111

Seared Mackerel

Similar to the previous lightly seared tile fish, but this one is more cooked as you can see from its color. We all 'emm' when we tried the first piece - such clean but rich flavor, again, the sauce helps a lot!


Steamed eggs with Kobako Crab


1. Ika (squid) 烏賊


2. Gold eye snapper 金目鯛

Yoshitake-san prepare the fish skin seperately, sliced the skin and topped it onto the fish. Fish was good but i don't like his shari.


3. Chu-toro 中トロ 赤酢

Here the akashari works better with chutoro, which both has higher flavors.


Creamy, rich in oil and delicious. And hopefully akashari works. :)



99 下午3.56.31




One of my all-time-favorite, although the shari was weak, the sweet soy sauce on top of the anago makes everything works again. (Seems i'm a sweet lover!) The anago was perfectly grilled, with a rich, oily texture, simply melted in my mouth.



Hopefully, red shari was again used. The flavor was not that bland like most of the pieces i had of the night. However, compare to the famous tuna hand roll in Sushi Tokami, this one was much weaker.


The tamago comes right after a small bowl of miso soup as a sweet ending. The tamago is sweet, full of egg taste and much like a sponge cake.

As i mentioned, all the neta (fish) were really good, but the normal shari is so weakand underwhleming. I prefer his akashari.

Sushi Yoshitake 鮨よしたけ

Address:東京都中央区銀座8-7-19 すずりゅうビル 3F

Hours: Round 1: 18:00~ Second round 20:30~ Close on Sundays


Date visited: Dec.8.2014 (Monday)

Price: 23,000 + JPY