Tokyo | Sushi Nakamura 鮨なかむら

One-Michelin-starred Sushi Nakamura is one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo, and by far my favorite. This 11-seater sushi bar locates just steps apart from Roppongi station and in the same block where 3* RyuGin locates. Masanori Nakamura-san, a skilled sushi chef with a modest and welcoming looking, is particular about tuna.


Visited: Sep.16. 2015 (Dinner)

Address: 7-17-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 18:00-23:30, Closed on Sunday and PH

Damage: Omakase JPY 17,280+




Nakamura is slightly larger than most other high-end sushiya in Tokyo. The counter can fit about 12 diners at a time. The light is a bit dimmer but very generous  and upscale ambiance. Chef Nakamura and his helper cannot speak English, so best come with someone can speak Japanese :)



I was very surprised when i saw Nakamura uses Royal Copehagen to serve sushi when i was reading reviews on Tabelog. It is a really unique and complex feeling because it is indeed elegant and upscale, while the temperature of nigiri might goes away faster.

Their sushi is smaller in size, but the fneta are absolutely packed with amazing flavours. After one bite of sushi, the taste can go on and on in your mouth.


Kick off with a bowl of clear clam soup, warm and simply umami, perfect start.DSC06702

Besides the gari (pickled ginger), i really liked the pickled cucumber here -  Crunchy and very refreshing.


The smoked clam came after the clam soup. It was full of smoked fragrance and very tender in texture. Served with a bit soy sauce, the clam was really delicious.


One of the best produce of the season, Katsuo was lightly seared on its skin. Very tender and deep in flavor. I had them in Daisan Harumi Sushi last week while i personally prefer Nakamura's.


Autumn is also the high season to eat Saba. I was really impressed with its crisp skin with high oil contents underneath, the flesh was moist and flavorful. Grated radish is always served with saba to balance its flavor, they are the best friends forever.










That's all for warm ups, chef Nakamura then started to slice the fish for the nigiris.


Few sushi chefs would serve it as the beginning unless he is very confidence, and ass Nakamura-san is particular about tuna, he served chu-toro as the first piece. I was quite surprised by that. I am not sure whether everyone can coincide on this, to me a non-proficient sushi lover, the flavor works anyway.


Tender, rich and creamy texture, with a naturally sweet aftertaste.




Definitely very satisfying -  moderate oil contents and very tender, quite high in flavor and entire piece was very harmony.


5. Akagai | 赤貝

The akagai was very fresh, clean and crunchy.




Its smaller size doesn't mean anything .I really enjoyed its umami flavors and naturally sweetness.




This savory piece was really delicous, the fish was rich in oils and higher in flavor, while the aromatic scallions wonderfully balanced out. One of my favorite of the night.


Those cute fish roes were packed with incrediblely umami juices, rich, sweet and umami. The fragrance of crispy nori nicely enhaced the sea flavors.


Finally comes my all-time favorite, uni. So happy that Chef Nakamura serves such generous portion. Sourced from Kyoshu (九州), the uni was very creamy and sweet. The aftertaste was sweet and umami.





Everything is perfect by far. Nakamura-san's shari is quite unique as well, by using sun-dried rice from Fukushima, the grains are steamed at a high heat, seasoned with aged vinegar from Kagoshima and a mild salt from Okinawa for a good match with the tuna. The taste, temperature and firmness are right to point (for my liking).



I was really curious about Nakamura's otoro as he confidently served chu-toro as the first piece, which i really enjoyed. As what i expected, his Otoro was really good -  creamy but not groose, very flavorful and unexpected clean taste.


This white flesh smells so good when it came to me, it was so moist and perfectly melted on my taugh. The sweet sauce wonderfully works with the anago.



Airy, eggy 'sponge cake' to end the meal. I really love Nakamura's tamago :) Packed with balanced umami flavors.


I was totally stuffed with amazing flavors, while i still requested for more. I actually want to eat more fish that i haven't try tonight,  but Chef Nakamura told me that's everything he had of the day, all the best he can serve.  It was a lovely experience. I personally think Sushi Nakamura is probably the most worth-of value sushiya i have been by far.