Tokyo | Restaurant Ryuzu リューズ

The owner-chef, Ryuta Iizuka was trained by Joël Robuchon before he opened Ryuzu five years ago. After apprenticed at 2-star and 3-star restaurants when he was in France two decades ago, he further refined his culinary skills at Joël Robuchon Tokyo where he worked at a chef, and led the restaurant to a two-star Michelin rating over five years. Ryuta-san focuses on the harmony between fragrance and texture by using the best seasonal ingredients. Restaurant Ryuzu also appears in several gourmet magazines, and was introduced as one of the best restaurant by top epicures in Japan.


Visited: Sep.26.2015 (Lunch)

Address:Urban Style Roppongi B1, 4 Chome-2-35 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-0032

                東京都港区六本木4-2-35 アーバンスタイル六本木B1

Hours:12:00~15:30(L.O.14:00) 18:00~23:30(L.O.21:30)

Damage: Lunch ¥3,600 / ¥5800 / ¥8400, Dinner ¥8000 / 13000 / 19000

Reservation Details: I booked by call. You can also book via hotel concierge or Pocket Concierge app.

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There are total only 35 seats in the restaurant, including only 5 seats at the counter. Luckily i was 1/5 where i can enjoy the food as well as watching the chefs working on the dishes.




The man behind the kitchen - Chef Ryuta Iizuka.


Amuse bouche was pumpkin soup with fresh ricotta cheese, the soup was creamy and sweet, the cheese was clean and fresh.Served with a madeleine made of olive and tomato, where the savory met with the sweetness and refreshness. A very harmony starter.


The bread part was also good, an entire freshly baked baguette - warm and crispy curst, with a soft and airy inside.


The first appetizer was made of one of the best seasonal produce from the ocean - Aji. The sliced fish was laid on a bed of beautiful layers made with seasonal vegetables, topped with scallions and ginger. The texutre of the combination was pretty well-done, very fresh fish and crunchy vegetables. However, the flavor of the entire dish was on the weak side. I don't know whether the chef wants to keep the first dish 'refreshing', but even the fish itself was probably the most bland aji i have had by far.


Chefs usually work on the hot dishes, as the first dish was a bit disappointing, i expected more on the second appetizer prepared by the chef. The foie gras was well-done, the out-later was a bit crispy and inside was rich and smooth, it was firmer than the normal 'oily' seared foie gras but still very creamy. The fig compote was more on the sour side which balanced very well with the foie gras. The white grape sauce also works well on the dish.



I read some review about Ryuzu before i came, and when i was there, i found the menu is somehow 'unchanged', such as this dish, the only part they changed is the fish, same for the fish Aji dish. The fish was very succulent, although companied by the sour pickles, the flavor of the entire dish was a bit bland (for my liking?).


The dish i enjoyed the most of the meal was the quail, which was prepared in two different ways. The leg on the back was roasted, very succulent meat and fragrance crispy skin. I much prefer the fronter one, which was honey-mustarded, very sync flavor and was really tender. The dish was serves with a bowl of lemon water as you are encouraged to fish it by hand :)



The dessert has a very 'tropical' twist which made me miss the weather in Singapore so much. The cream cheese mousse was coated with a layer of mango jelly, and filled with passion fruit puree, on a bed of white chocolate biscuit. It was aromatic and delicious, where the sourness balanced well with the sweetness. The coconut ice-cream on the back was quite refreshing.




It was a good one in general but not amazing. I am not a person who loves very spicy, salty, sweet, etc food, i usually eat food with orginal flavors. While i still think both fish courses i had were disappointing. The foie gras and quail were pretty well-done, especially the quail. The food quality is definitely not bad, maybe its just not my cup of tea.