Tokyo | Pierre Hermé Aoyama

Pierre Hermé is my favorite place for macaroons as well as French pastries, and we made a visit to its flagship shop in Aoyama. You can see all those goodness from their large french window when you walk down the main steet of Aoyama. And definitely a visit without thinking twice!

Pierre Hermé 是我最喜欢的法式甜品電和馬卡龍店。我們特地安排了行程去了青山的旗艦店。就算只是路過,你也一定會在大大的落地窗外被櫥窗裡令郎滿目的甜品而吸引。


The first floor is the boutique and cafe on second floor. While there are only few seats available on the second floor, so a wait is highly possible during afternoon tea time. It took us about 20 minutes to being seated. But it seriously worth waiting.There are only 2 tables for large groups, but not window seats. There about 10 window seats that face the main street.



 Mille Feuille Celeste (seasonal) 大黃千層派(季節限定)

We were so lucky to get this pretty piece of Mille Feuille that only available in May. It was a Mille Feuille in rhubarb flavor. The thousands layers of Mille Feuille were incrediblely crispy and the sweetness was perfect, the whole piece won't fall off even if i cut it down with the mascarpone cream, which was perfect. One of the best Mille Feuille(s) ever.

我們真的是非常幸運吃到了只有五月供應的大黃千層派。他們家的千層派本來就非常出名,傳統的是香草味的。但是因為季節性,而且還有這麼粉粉的美麗外表,物品們也沒多考慮就拋棄了傳統千層派,選擇了這一款。一刀切下去我們就知道它不會讓我們失望了。非常酥脆的口感,切下去根本就沒有散,更何況中間的mascarpone cream是軟軟的。味道又非常完美,酸酸甜甜的大黃和入口即化的cream,一點都不會太甜膩,真的是吃過最好吃的千層派了。




Mont Blanc is one of our best French dessert and we would like to try it everywhere if it is available. The chestnut cream was not over-sweeted as Laduree's, and creamy but not way too heavy. The hardness of the tart base was perfect and won't spread everywhere as we cut it. Some of the best Mont Blanc as well!



I really miss their cakes a lot for the past few months after i came back from Tokyo. And i hope cakes are available at their Hong Kong branches soon so that i can have it more often!



ピエール・エルメ・パリ 青山店  Pierre Herme Paris Aoyama 地址: 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-51-8  ラ・ポルト青山1・2 營業時間: Boutique: 11am-8pm,Salon: 12am-8pm (L.O. 7.30pm) 網址: