Pierre Gagnaire ピエールガニェール

In 2015, after a poll of over 500 Michelin-starred chefs from around the world, Pierre Gagnaire was named 'best chef' by France's authoritative 'Le Chef' magazine. Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo, one of Chef Pierre's 12 restaurants around the world, was opened in 2005 in Aoyama and relocated to its current location in ANA InterContinental Tokyo in 2010. Chef Pierre's artistic sense and delicious dishes has won him a continually growing fan base.


Visited: Oct.3rd.2015 (Weekend lunch)

Address: 36F, 1-12-33, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052,Japan (東京都港区赤坂1丁目12−33 ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル36F)

Hours: 11:30a.m. - 1:30p.m., 5:30p.m.- 8:30p.m, Closed on Mondays

Damage: Weekday lunch JPY 4,650++, Weekend lunch JPY 7,000++, Dinner JPY 17,000++

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Pierre Gagnaire located on 36F in ANA InterContinental Hotel, with a stunning view of the city's skyline and Tokyo Tower. The interior decor is in white and purple, elegant and upscale.

I visited his 2-michelin-starred Pierre in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong last December, and i was quite impressive with the food, especially the best Napoleon cake by far. I was so excited to try out his restaurant again in Tokyo, also with 2 michelin stars.


Started with some bite-size snacks to akawen out palates: ginger cookie, goat cheese with pepper tomato powder, and chestnut soft cookie with cashew. Followed by chip cookies with cinnamon, which is quite hard to tell the flavor, we can only feel its crunchy textures.


I was quite impressive with Pierre's breads in Hong Kong, and the breads served at Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo were also satisfying. The soft bread roll was warm and buttery, sourdough has a crust skin and pretty airy inside. The toasted multigrain bread with nuts and raisins was my favorite, fluffy and very delicious.


Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo serves appetizers in a cocktail-snack form, all five appetizers came together to the table. It is hard to capture all of them so i shoot them seperately for better focuses.


The first one, mango salad with grape sorbet was very refreshing. Followed by the  scallop topped with ikura on a bed of tomato puree, the scallop was very juice and tender, the ikura perfectly enhanced its umami flavors.


Rum jelly with ginger bread chantilly came third, finish with a cold pumpkin soup, which was quite creamy and naturally sweet. I never imagined the combination of rum and pumpkin but it works.


Autumn is a high season to have sanma. The fillet was well-seared, very tender and umami. The tomato consomme and clementine reduction brought a touch of refreshing to the fish.

The last cocktail snack was a beautiful dish of foie gras mousse, smooth and deep in flavor. It balanced well with the beetroot.


Move on to the mains, the first was a fish course of Kinme with crispy fish scales. I had Amadai served in this form but my virgin experience for Kinme. The fish scales were pretty crispy but seems a bit over-cooked. The flesh underneath was very tender and full of ocean flavors. The mussels made the creamy watercress broth very umami, which works together to create a harmony flavor to the dish.


The Kineme fish dish was served with a side of Kinme brandade with squid ink. It was rich and full of ocean flavors, loved the grilled squid and prawns on the top which enhanced the flavor and texture of the dish.


The second main was Japanese beef tenderloin, covered with a cabbage jelly, garnished with roasted baby onions and brussel sprouts, and served with red wine sauce and mixed berry puree. The tenderloin was very succulent and flavorful by itself, the red wine sauce works well with the meat and creates a very elegant taste. The mixed berry paste brought a refreshing twist to balance the tenderloin. Lovely.


The set menu includes three desserts. The first one seems like a dish of olive thing but it was actually grape panna cotta. I found the panna cotta was a bit weak in flavors, and the oilve oil on the bottom covers the flavor of panna cotta. Nice for a palate-cleansing purpose but not my kind of dessert.


Mango sago is a very common tropical dessert, but with white beer? It sounds interesting but the white beer does work. Not conflit with the refreshing mango sago at all, it was unexpectedly sync and unique.


The last dessert was chocolate mousse with chocolate chips, side with salted caramel puree and meringue. This was actually our favorite among the three desserts, it has a deep flavor and not too heavy.


Petit Fours was not very imprssive, both my partner and i loved the creme puff the best (2nd on the left).

Probably because i expected too much after visiting Pierre Hong Kong, Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo was actually a little bit disappointing. The food was not bad but neither impressive. I almost forgot what did i ate there after the meal. Very nice ambiance and view, while the service have space for improvement.