Tokyo | Mr.FARMER

Mr.FARMER is one of the newest healthy cafe in Omotesando (表參道) by the Eat Walk Group. The hidden 'vegetable cafe' uses only quality local vegetables from the company's representative director, Akira Watanabe. Mr.FARMER offers wide range of salads and bread, juices and smoothies, and soup which kept power of material alive.


Visited: May.2015 (Lunch)

Address: セピア原宿1F, 4-5-12 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

Hours: 9am-8pm daily





The menu covers mostly salads, some sandwiches and healthy desserts, there are also few brunch/breakfast options such as eggs benedict. Various combinations are with possibility to feeling including "salad & bread" and "bread & soup". Match good-quality protein such as chicken, cheese, bean with vegetables, and "Farmers salad" with full of the volume a lot of provides as meal which we did well. In addition, original bejisumuji which we made in total prepares for purposes such as seven kinds of tiramisu using vegetables and fruit, "anti-aging" "body care".


We had two smoothies to complete with the meal. The 'Body Care' on the left side was made of strawberries, banana, carrot, and beetroot (苺、バナナ、人参、ビーツ). The green 'Detox' was made of kale, Japanese mustard spinach, banana, apple,orange and lemon (ケール、小松菜、バナナ、リンゴ、オレンジ、レモン). Both were very healthy and delicious.


Both us had the salad sets, i customized my own salad and my partner had the designed one. The salad set was a nice deal, comes with homemade sourdough with jam and an additional ¥400.


Farmer's Cobb Salad is the signature salad at Mr.FARMER, it was a large bowl of fresh vegetables and quality proteins - grilled chicken breast, tomato, boiled egg, avocado, bacon, Gouda cheese, pranws, lettuce and Swiss chard (グリルチキン、トマト、ゆで卵、アボカド、ベーコン、ゴーダチーズ、海老、レタス、スイスチャード). The individual plate is priced at ¥1190 while the set with breads and jam is only ¥1590. The salad was quite flavorful, the prawns were large in size and very juicy, chicken was moist and tender, the entire plate balanced very well - a very healthy


For the custom salad, you can choose 1 base + 4 toppings + 1 dressing, additional toppings are also available. I picked the Japanese mustard and water cress base, topped with broccoli, avocado, mushroom, tomato and radish toppings, with tahini dressing. The vegetables were very fresh, presented well in a large bowl, the in-house made oriental tahini dressing were awesome as well.

Mr.FARMER is a great place to go for a light and comfort meal, especially for short-term visitors who travels for food like me, my diet in Tokyo consist mostly animal protein as i ate a lot sushi and kaiseki. Having a balanced diet made my body feel very light and works better. There are actually a lot healthy food spots in Tokyo, actually in general Japanese people have a very healthy diet, but very few only serves wide arrange of salads. I pretty loved Mr.FARMER and i am sure i will come back next time!