Tokyo | Luke's Lobster

Yeah, the famous lobster roll from Luke's Lobster is also available in Tokyo. Luke's Lobster was firstly opened in New York City in 2009 and soon became the top lobster place in town. All the lobsters are carefully harvested and traced from Maine, besides the signature lobster roll,  crab and shrimp rolls are also quite popular. Luke's Lobster Tokyo is just adjacent to the first floor of the Journal Standard in Harajuku on Cat Street. In case you cannot find the right place - looking for the long queue.


Visited: Oct.12.2015


Hours:11:00~20:00 daily

Website | Tabelog


Before you decide to go there, please be prepared for around 30 minutes wait. I arrived on a lovely sunny weekday morning, and you see the crowd? Well, i was pretty hungry during my 25 minutes waiting because of the aromatic buttery flavor. The origin of lobster changes on a daily base to make sure the best quality. There are two different sizes for the famous lobster roll, a regular one priced at 980 yen and a larger one (US size) at 1,580yen. I got the US size.




The lobster is very fresh and has mildly sweetness, the bread was freshly pan-toasted with butter, loved the slight crispy crust and fluffy inside. While i don't really like the combination because the lobster itself was served cold, and the roll was warm. On the flavor side, credit to the bouncy lobster meat, overall didn't impress me a lot. I didn't expect that much on the taste though, i was there just because i missed the states a lot.