Tokyo | L'Osier ロオジエ

L'Osier was finally reopens after about 2.5 years refurnishement. It was open in 1973, considered one of the oldest and the best French restaurant in Tokyo. L’Osier was consecutively awarded three michelin stars when the Michelin Guide Tokyo firstly republish in Japan in 2008 until 2010, when the restaurant was closed for its renovation. And congratulates to L'Osier for awarding 2* in its first year of reopening.


The restaurant bans all kinds of cameras for picture taking, because some customers complained about the annoying sound from the camera and phones. (Sound effect of cameras cannot be turn off anyhow in Japan, it is a law.)  Here's a picture of the interior deco from its website. But the managaer can handle your camera or phone for you, for taking pictures of your dishes back in the kitchen. So i gave the manager my camera.


While i still got my phone with me, tried my best to get some pictures to feed my blog and Instagram.(Sorry for being so bad)


The tableware was pretty, and the cutleries are made of real silver, must be a long history by the scratches on them.


Some warm breads to start with, not too many choices in the bread basket: baguette, buckwheat bread and brioche.

From now on, 90% of the pictures were taken by the manager (or maybe someone else in the kitchen), the pictures are really blur but better than nothing.


Amuse Bouche consists of spinach ball with cream cheese, chestnut cookie with black truffle, chili pumpkin macaron. Nothing special about the spinach ball, but the chestnut cookie is really good- very crispy and the black truffle makes the taste awesome. The macaron is really a disappointment-it stuck on my teeth.


Chestnut soup

The manager said it is very important to mix the foam with the soup. It was creamy and smooth, with strong chestnut flavor.


Appetizer: Bublin Bay Prawns Pan-fried and Coated with Olive Oil Flavored With Honey and Passion Fruit Egg Plant Caviar, A Thin Crustacean Jelly

That's the picture before finishing sauce. Similar to the langoustine i had in Narisawa, the prawns were pan-fried, but the shrimp tastes as tender as sashimi. The vegetables in the center is quite normal.


Main: Thin Slices of Pigeon Breast, Spelt Risotto and Trumpet of Death Preserved Leg, A Pigeon Bones Sauce

That's the picture before adding the sauce. The color of the sliced pigeon breast looks so tender and juicy. The smell became even appealing after the pigeon bones sauce was added to the plate.


I love this dish a lot, the pigeon was incredibly juicy, the sauce was a little bit sweet and makes the whole dish gorgeous. I was told to have the pigeon leg with my hand, while the taste of pigeon leg was more like confit, which is a bit salty to me.But i love this course overall.


Pre-dessert: Mango Sorbet with Seasonal Fruit 

Way too sweet for me.


Another pre-dessert platter comes together with the mango sorbet. Clockwise: Coffe puff, Yuzu tart, Vanilla puff, Blueberry tart and green citrus macaron. I love the blueberry tart best, the tart base was fluffy and not overly sweetened. I was scared to try the macaron because the macaron in amuse bouche was horrible. While this one is much better, nice bslance between the sweetness and sourness from the citrus.


Dessert: Chestnut Cream, Chantilly Mousse, Amarena Cherries and Meringue Dessert Stuffed with a Chestnut Parfait, Amarena Sauce

Seriously too much sweets in this meal. But i cannot resist chestnut flavor anyhow.The chestnut cream was smooth and rich in flavor, there was a lot whipped cream inside which i don't like. Hopefully it was light but i still got a lot cream left in the plate.


Sweet Delicacy Trolley

Unlike the sweet trolly in Narisawa, which consists of a lot of mini mouth-watering tarts and cakes, here at L'Osier, only some candies and chocolates and dried fruits available. Although i was quite full after having so much sweets, i was not very satisfied with their sweet trolley.



The dining experience at L'Osier was good. The preserntation of the food was not that good as Narisawa and L'effercescence. (That's the only 3 western restaurants i visited in Tokyo because i usually come for Japanese food). The service is generally good, credit to the manager, Mr.Lionel, while the other Japanese attendant are just so so. Although L'Osier is ranked No.10 one Tabelog, and awarded 2 michelin stars, i don't think it is that memorable to push me to revisit it soon.

L'OSIER  (ロオジエ)

Address: 東京都中央区銀座7-5-5

Hours: Lunch 12:00-14:00, Dinner 18:00-21:00, Opens Daily


Visiting Date: Dec.8th.2014 (Monday)

Price: Lunch: MENU DÉJEUNER ¥ 10,000 +