Tokyo | L'Effervescence (2014.12)

L'Effervescence, the last stop of my food trip December 2014, was seriously a memorable one. In the latest Michelin Guide Tokyo published few days before my visit,  L'Effervescence was awarded 2 michelin stars (used to be one star), which leads the restaurant into another chapter. It is also ranked No.28 on Asia's Best 50 Restaurants 2014, and the third among all the restaurants in Tokyo. I am so glad that i made a visit there. L'Effervescence provides European gastronomy cuisine by using Japanese ingredients, which is a new type of cuisine.


L'Effervescence housed in Minato area, you can also get there by walking down from Aoyama area.



I was lead to the waiting room at first, the attendant came to keep my shopping bags and coats.5

The main dining room is very elegant, with about 4 window tables, with all the other tables facing the french window.6

The view outside the french window, although quite narrow garden with normal view, but better than nothing :) I love french windows anyway.



The lunch set is quite worth the money, all the sets comes with a glass of wine. The wine steward patiently introduced the recommended wine to me, and brought some bottles for tasting.


Amuse Bouche: Kobako crab, carrot, orange

It is the Kobako crab season, and i haven't get tired of eating Kobako crab - and this would probably be the last time this year. On the lest side was a carrot mousse topped with cherry jam and Kobako crab, and the foam was made of crab as well. The flavor of the whole thing was creamy and strong in crab flavor. On the right side was orange and sake sorbet for refreshing. Great start.


I was then treated with some breads, unfortunately i have no choice because the manager just brought two breads for me- baguette and wholemeal. I don't know if that's because i came here alone. But the breads were quite nice- warm, soft and crispy curst.




"Very very cold day~" - Soft cod roe saute, Japanese leek puree, Bruned Bruxelles sprouts, ginkgo, esplette pepper, purple basil

The first appetizer was pan-fried shirako (cod's roe). I love shirako but usually the raw one, it was actually my first time trying grilled/cooked shirako, and it was amazing- totally die for it. It was crispy outside with a touch of burnt taste, while inside was rich and creamy. Aside by some chili powder to enhance the taste. Love it!


"A fixed ponit~" - Whole cooked turnip and parsley oil emulsion, brioche

As the name of the course tells, a fixed point, which means a signature dish here. The whole radish was cooked for 4 hours and  cutted into two half then slightly seared. I thought it should be creamy and soft as the one i had in Kichisen (Kyoto) as it had been cooked for 4 hours, but it was actually crispy, with a very clean and fresh taste.


Before the main course comes, i was presented with an ally of knives for my main course, even though i chose a fish dish.


The knives are actually the same, but the texture are different.And i chose the oldest one.


Gently cooked Amadai sea bream, taro puree & a touch of black truffle, cavolo nero, crisp of its scales, lilu bulb, yuzu


I actually came for the famous pie, but it was made of pork so i have to let it go :( Meanwhile, i ordered the sea bream and it was really good. The smell of yuzu and the black truffle made me so hungry! The sea bream was juicy and tender, don't need too much process of chewing. The burt cavolo nero (a kind of kale) smells really good as well. The entire dish was another bomb.


Limoncello baba & banana, white rum ice cream, black soy beans, Anglaise sauce espuma, begonia flower

With such a lovely looking, the taste was as good as it looks. The sponge cake inside was light and flutty, covered with a layer of rum ice cream- although it looks heavy, the taste was actually fabulous. I love the idea of adding alcohol flavor into dessert, just like RyuGin's sake souffle.


"Nibbles for chat" 

Petit fours and tea: Passion fruit jelly candy, dark chocolate with green apple puree, plum soft candy, chocolate lollipop with popping candy.


I cannot drink coffee, that's why i always end with a cup of tea. Here's their house made herbal tea. The first cup was blue, with a touch of mint and all kinds of flowers. While the color of the tea changed when i had the second cup. That's so cool.

My western cuisine in Tokyo, or even in Japan is limited. But i personally prefer L'Effervescence much  than L'Osier, no matter the service, environment, the presentation and the taste of food. Although one is Jap-French cuisine and one is classical French. My first Jap-French cuisine experience is such memorable, and it officially becomes one of my best cuisines. I will definitely back here next time. Bye Tokyo, Bye Japan, and hope to see you soon!

L'Effervescence (レフェルヴェソンス)

Address: 東京都港区西麻布2-26-4

Hours: 12:00~16:00, 18:00~23:30 daily


Date visited: Dec.9.2014 (Tuesday)

Price: Lunch: 5,000 JPY~, 78000 JPY~ Dinner: 16,200 JPY~

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