Tokyo | Le jeu de l’assiette ル・ジュー・ドゥ・ラシエット

Le jeu de l'assiette is a little French restaurant in Daikanyama area, just steps from Ebisu station. The food served here is inspired by the second-generation chef’s experiences in France inform his creative cuisine. The restaurant is quite small, only 8 tables for 18 guests. 


Address:  2F, Sun Village Daikanyama, 2-17-5 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

                     東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-17-5 サンビレッジ代官山 2F

Tel: 03-6415-5100

price: lunch 4800 & 8800; Dinner 8800 & 12400 JPY


Chef doesn't use too much oil in his cooking, and fouces on the flavor originally from the ingredients. And as the name implies, the presentation on the plate is appealing.  

(12:30pm seated) The menu is quite simple at Le jeu de l’assiette. During lunch time,  two menus priced respectively at 4800 yen and 8800 yen were served. For dinner, the prices were 8800 and 12400 yen, which is quite affordable.


Amuse Boucher was a eggplant tartine, topped with smoked clam and clam jelly, decorated with pretty shisho flower. The eggplant was juicy and 'creamy', I loved the strong flavor of smoked clams. It was very refreshing.


The first appetizer was a pretty dish of seasonal vegetables: assorted broccoli and radish, snow pea, white asparagus, carrot, peppers,wild leaves as well as grilled octopus, side with radish purée and lemon flakes. The vegetables were bland even with the radish purée on the side, but the they were a bit sweet by themselves if you taste them carefully.


Next comes the prawn with asparagus purée. The prawn was rarely cooked, juicy and sweet,it was incredibly high in prawn flavor. The hint of Japanese pepper and salt enhanced the umami flavor of the prawn. The vagetables and asparagus purée brought a very nice touch of refreshment.


(1:50pm bread) Different from other restaurants, the bread is only served as requested. Once you ask for some bread, the server will slice it and toasted for you. Only one kind of bread was served, it was made in house - crunchy crust and fluffy center.


One of the main course, the beef was substitute with salmon because my dietary request. It was indeed my first time to have salmon in Japan, as i know, fine Japanese restaurant doesn't sell salmon as it is considered 'cheap'. I felt quite surprising when i saw salmon on my table.

The salmon was pretty nicely processed, it has a very crispy skin with a char-grilled fragrance, while the meat underneath the skin was still raw. It was fresh, juicy and melt-in-mouth tenderness. The onioin puree and olive oil paired well with the rich salmon.


(2:10pm) The next main dish was grilled Kochi fish, which came with a mouthwatering grilled smell. I enjoyed the crispy skin as well as the tender fish meat. There were two gnocchi in this dish, chewy and delicious. The lemon puree nicely balanced the entire dish.


The dessert of the day was lemon tart with meringue, side with lemon flakes. I tried to cut it into two halves but the meringue was kind of hard compare to the lemon puree in-between, thus the entire tart 'fell off'. It seems a mess and made me feel a bit disappointing. I am not a meringue lover as it is usually over-sweetened, while this one was pretty nice. However, the lemon puree was too sweet and heavy for my liking.


The petit fours was flancier and honey-roasted almond, i picked chamomile tea as a pairing.


I enjoyed the food with very simple processing and seasoning  here at Le jeu de l’assiette, which perfectly keeps the real flavor of the ingredients. Although i love fine dining,sometimes i am really scared of a meal without morderate portion of vegetables and greens - but there's no such worries at Le jeu de l’assiette. The menu was nice balanced between protein and vegetables.

The ambiance was quite relax, it was a small restaurant that makes you feel like eat at home, of course, the food is certainly enjoyable. While for the service, as there were only 2-3 serves in the restaurant, and only 2-4 menus, the service is not that efficient as other higher-end fine dining restaurants. There was an average of 10 minutes waiting between two dishes.

But for the affordable price and relax ambiance, i don't mind to revisit this place if i am around.