Kosoan 古桑庵

Tokyo has retained its title of the world's gourmet food capital. Apart from the downtown core of Tokyo, there are many neighbourhoods around are full of hidden nice cafes, restaurants and bars.  If you do read travel guides before you travel to Tokyo, you must know that Jiyugaoka (自由が丘) in Meguro is famous for living sundries and cake shops. Maybe you never notice this historical Japanese house when you passed by, it is actually a traditional Japanese dessert place - Kosoan.


Address:Meguro-ku, Jiyugaoka 1-24-23, Tokyo

Hours: 11am ~ 6:30pm daily

Notice: Cash Only



The place was packed by mainly oversea guests from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, while few guests were Japanese. The entire cafe floor is covered by tatami, the interior decoration is very traditional Japanese style. The Japanese garden outside the full-size window makes you feel very calm.


Kosoan serves Japanese desserts and matcha drink sets, some items on the menu depend on the season, such as shaved ice with green tea syrup. The all0time best seller is Matcha Shiratama Zensai (930yen), which os white glutinous rice balls with red bean paste in hot matcha. I was not very hungry for such filling sticky rice stuff, and it was pretty hot outside, i decided to get something ice and lighter.


I had the iced matcha with a scoop of ice-cream, side by a Japanese chestnut dessert. The matcha was not very strong in flavor, at least not my cup of tea. As the vanilla ice-cream melted after a while, the taste becomes better as there were some sweet and creamy flavors. The chestnut pancake was too sweet and i didn't finished it.


I believe i won't come back this place anymore. The drink and dessert i tried was very average, i think the quality of matcha must be good for a tradtional Japanese tea/dessert place, while this was not the case at Kosoan. Most of the guests here were tourists, so you can imagine how 'quite' it was, although the nice view makes me calm down, maybe place some classcial music with my headphone on?

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