[Tokyo] 第三春美鮨 (Daisan Harumi Sushi)

Foodies must know that it is very hard to get into those top-ranking sushiya in Tokyo, especially Michelin starres especially Saito, Jiro, Yoshitake, Sawada, Mizutani,etc.  But i always found it is quite unfair becuase there are thousands of sushiya in Tokyo, and so many of them are not worse than those starred. Daisan Harumi Sushi is a family-run sushiya in Shinbashi in Ginza area, it is considered one of the best high-end sushiya by the locals. Currently run by the third generation, Nagayama-san. DSC06102

Visited: Sep.8th.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 105-0004東京都港区新橋1-17-7 (1-17-7 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004)

Hours:Mon-Sat 11:30~, 5:30pm~, closed Sunday


Similar to most other sushiya, Daisan Harumi is a preffty small eater which can fits 8 diners at the counter, there is also a table for 4 on the side. The menu is hand-written by chef Nagayama-san everyday, he circled out the seasonal produce and highlight whats serving on the day with a star. The menu also clearly shows where is the fish from, how many kilograms did they sourced, and wheather it is natural or by cultivation.




Although Daisan Harumi is a very traditional Edomae sushiya, it seems that Nagayama-san is also trying to follow the trend. The sakazuki was very lovely, the chiopstick set brought a feeling of spring (As Haru means Spring in Japanese), and my napkin has some very cute cats printing...


We were treated with two complimentary appetizesr first. The first one was green pea mousse with cucumber and ebi. The mousse was very smooth and naturally sweet, quite sync with the sweetness of the prawn. Followed by a dish of vinegared seaweed with grape to awaken the taste buds.




Autumn is the high season for Katsuo (かつ), the fish was lightly seared, high in oil contents and deep in flavor.. Chef  told me to have it with the ponzu sauce (bottom right corner of the picture below) and  wasabi mixed with pea (made in house and very unique) . Shin-Ika (新烏賊) was tender and clean as well. Otoro (大トロ) was pretty rich in oils but has a bit tendor :( the thin-sliced  Kohada (小鰭) has a balanced flavor.







Nornally tamago was served as a dessert at the end, while when i was still having ika in my mouth, chef Nagayama-san brought some pippling hot tamago from the kitchen for the guests who came earlier. He gave me one piece of the freshly-made tamago, i can feel how juice it is when he was still cutting it. OMG i love it so much - full of umami juices and very moist and umami.


2. Mirugai (ミル貝)

Fresh and crunchy, the sweet soy sauce works well.




The prawn was tender and umami, while the sweet aftertaste could be stronger. At this point i found Nagayama-san's shari was bit loose. The shape is not exquisite too. Also,i foundChef Nagayama-san's shari was too large for my liking (still smaller than Tokami's), I requested for smaller shari for the nigiri from now on.






Hokkaido uni was very rich and creamy, while the nori (seaweed) was quite disappointing - not crispy at all when it was severed.



Pretty rich in oils but not greasy at all, the aftertaste was sweet and umami. Similar to the otoro in the sashimi platter, there was a bit tendor.


I loved the hanagai, the clam itself was tender and a bit chewy. The sweet sauce works very well with the clam.


Compare to the previous uni, the nori in this piece is much better but still too soft. The umami juices of ikura wonderfully popping in my mouth.


As a fixed routine, i love to end with tamago. So i requested for an extra piece of tamago. Chef Nagayama-san head back to the kitchen again and came out with another large freshly-cooked tamago. Same as what happened to me just now, he also serve it to the guest just came. And for the left (probably 4 pieces), he generous told me to ejoy it as much as i can. I was in love.


The dessert was Japanese jelly made with seaweed, topped with black sugar syrup. A sweet ending.


Most diners here are locals (regulars), i loved the warm and homey ambiance. Although the sushi here was not exquisite as other fancy sushiya, the taste was not too bad and overally a nice experience.Worth a visit if you cannot get any starred sushiya.

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