Tokyo | d47食堂 (d47 Shokudo)

Shokudo is stand for 'dining hall' in Japanese, d47 Shokudo is a casual Japanese restaurant opened by 'd design travel' in heart of Shibuya. The restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese dishes by using the best seasonal produce from different parts of Japan.


Visited: Sep.3rd.2015 (Dinner)

Address: 〒150-8510 Tokyo, Shibuya, 2 Chome−21−1, 渋谷ヒカリエ8F







d47 Shokudo serves worth-value set meals during lunch, a la carte items are served both during lunch and dinner.  Complimentary appetzier and free-flow drink (tea and water) are served for every order. I had the vinegared vegetables which nicely awakened my taste buds.


The green eggplant was sourced from Ibaraki (茨城), grilled and served warm. It has a very moist texture and well-flavored with miso paste.


I was pretty lucky to get the Tochigi (栃木県) set lunch which is limit to 20 orders everyday. The set consists of a soup, salad, appetizer, rice and yogurt.




"Burmese soup", a curry-flavored vegetable soup which goes very well with rice.


I am seriouly not a rice lover, but the quality of rice dishes are so high in Japan. The fermented peanut was seasoned with spicy miso, crunchy and delicious.


Boiled Kanpyo (dried groud) with Nagahijiki, which is usually served as a pickled dish to serve with rice.


A cup of yogurt to help you digest after the meal.  DSC05626

d47 Shokodo is a great place to dine in, to me it is a chance for a body-cleanse and i can have a chance to eat very relax without anyone watching. For travellers and visitors, it is also a nice chance to experience Japanese home-cooking. I think d47 Shokodo somehow will become my shokodo.