Tokyo | Centre the Bakery セントル ザ・ベーカリー

Queue an hour for toast may sounds crazy, but yeah, that's what happen at Centre the Bakery everyday. It is not surprise to see over 50 people waiting in line in a freezing winter morning, and people coming out with 4-5 bags of toasts. Located in Ginza, Centre the Bakery is a sister bakery of the French bakery Viron. It is possibly the most famous bakery that specialized in making white toasts. I have heard that each loaf is around 1.5 kg heavy :D I am not a big fan of anything made of white flour, my friend and i went for the fruit sandwiches.


Last visit: Dec.2015 (brunch/lunch)

Address:東京都中央区銀座1-2-1 東京高速道路紺屋ビル 1F

Hours: Cafe 10am-5pm, 6pm-11pm ; Sundays and Holidays 10am-8pm

           Bread selling counter:10am-7pm, may close early when sold out.



As you see, there are two different lines in from of the shop. On the left hand side is for customers who eat in at the cafe side, on the opposite is only for those who want to buy toasts. I was surprised that the queue for taking aways are actually much longer - but not that serious as i heard about.







It was late Autumn - early Winter when i visited there, it was the best time to eat mushroom. The homemade mushroom soup made with fresh mushroom was really good, creamy but not heavy in butter or milk, very real taste and deep in mushroom flavor.






You have to try the toast set when you eat at Centre the Bakery. There are three kinds of toast sets: Jam set which served with a box of jams (1200/1400), Butter set which served with different kinds of butter (1000/1100), and Jam & Butter Set which served with both (1500/1700). You may choose a set with two kinds of toasts or three. Each set comes with drinks for 2 people.

We had the Jam Set with three kinds of toasts (1400). The set comes with three different kinds of loafs that made with wheat flour from Hokkaido, UK and USA.  You can choose your favorite toaster to toast the bread, very interesting concept.





We were told to have the Hokkaido toast first, and recommended to have it directly without toasting. It was incrediby pillowly-soft, while become chewy when you put it into mouth. Unlike the other Hokkaido toast i have oversea which are very heavy in suagr and milk syrup, this one has a milk milk flavor and taste very 'real'. But in short, not my kind of toast because it is so soft, i like hard breads :(




The second toast is made with British wheat flour, recommended to toast it. As what i expected, both of us prefer the toasted loaf which is more crispy and aromatic, loved its golden crust and soft inside.So goof with Hokkaido milk!


Third one was made with American wheat flour, in comparison, it is a bit dryer than the British one, but we still enjoyed its crispiness. Actually among all three types of toasts, which are also the only three kinds that sells in the store, we loved the Hokkaido one least.



Fruit sandwich - what we came for. There are several different kinds of sandwiches on the menu, all made with homemade toast, the most popular one is no doubt the seasonal fruit sandwich. As the edges of toasts are sliced off for the sandwich, they kindly toasted the edges which is served on the side.


Hokkaido toast works perfect with the sandwich! The cream was fresh and very light, wonderfull with fresh sliced fruits. The entire bite was very fruity and juicy! Will be back for this again.